How does Jasmy face the new data security challenges brought by BYOD in the post-epidemic era?

When people relaxed their vigilance against the epidemic, the new coronavirus variant “Austrian McCormick Rong” ( Omicron ) bring a unique global challenges, such as a large number of mutant variants increasing the risk of re-infection. Therefore, many countries in the world immediately adopted preventive and control measures, including blockade of borders, social distancing restriction, and strengthening community management as well as control.

The new challenges of the epidemic will continue to affect people’s lives and work conditions. Enterprises and individuals will continue to increase their intentions and demands for remote online offices. Life and social life will also rely more on various social applications. In the new coronavirus, “isolated” online life and work will become the norm under the impact of variants.

As far as business operations are concerned, the convenience and flexibility shown by telecommuting under the influence of the epidemic are fully qualified for business continuity.

Telecommuting has long been the norm in companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Employees who work from home only need to make a simple application. However, telecommuting is more suitable for the era of the digital economy.

But on the other hand, the data storage problems of computers, mobile phones, and other hardware devices used in remote office work, the data transmission problems of application software and network, and enterprise IT management and load capacity are all new challenges that enterprises must face up to. Because these prominent issues will involve business secrets and the personal privacy of corporate employees, it can be said that in the digital economy era, every piece of data information is related to the company’s survival.

In November 2021, Japan’s leading data security service provider——Jasmy company, provide a product named JASMY Secure PC, which is based on the blockchain underlying technology, and mainly for Europe and America and Southeast Asia market. It can be said a perfect solution for the above problem. It seems that this product is a set of solutions launched by Jasmy for the business field based on distributed network and storage systems to assist in data management. It uses edge computing characterized by decentralized processing to manage IoT connections. Personal devices equipped with JASMY Secure PC, or business computers, can bring strong protection like “copper wall and iron wall ” to financial services such as individuals, businesses, and even banks.

Based on the earlier security characteristics issues for remote online work and life, JASMY Secure PC exclusively enjoys Secure Knowledge Communicator ( SKC ) and Smart Guardian ( SG ) technologies. According to industry insiders, these two technologies are in the Internet of Things + block. The chain industry belongs to a brand-new commercial-level data security processing technology. It can currently realize comprehensive PC protection based on software, including the security monitoring and management of internal computer data, the security monitoring and management of internal computer data, personal privacy security, remote control and management, Five levels of intelligent threat detection. This kind of integrated protection scheme based on the blockchain + IoT platform is different from the conventional pure anti-virus software level protection. It has a lower level and higher protection efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that JASMY Secure PC also uses the underlying technology of the blockchain to record the operating status of the PC for security detection. “In an emergency, you can view the operating details of the PC like a car’s driving recorder. “The product is not only newly introduced. The industry’s first solution-based threat detection contactless chip encryption technology, which can effectively prevent extortion software, unauthorized access, encryption monetary mining attack, also uses personal data cabinet P2P distributed storage services technology networks, through “content Address” provides services. The file itself will be stored in the distributed storage system, and the hash value of the file will be recorded on the blockchain, indirectly using the storage method of the blockchain. Not only ensure the security of PC data but also realize the “data value sharing” in the era of the digital economy.

In fact, under the influence of the epidemic, cyber-attacks by computer viruses and hackers have become more and more rampant, and they are more inclined to “higher value” governments, banks, enterprises, and financial markets.

The superiority of Jasmy’s JASMY Secure PC compared to similar products in the industry is also reflected in the continuous maintenance and update of equipment stability and data security. In 2021 Nian 11 Yue 18 Ri” Okinawa ResorTech EXPO 2021″ site, Transcosmos released under JASMY Secure PC cases with the call center.

We predict that relying on Jasmy IoT Platform, Transcosmos’s IT operation and maintenance personnel can remotely manage at least 200 devices directly and ensure privacy and security in a data flow. The staff only need to prepare various update patches on the server-side first and then Arrange the schedule for updating the office software for PCs, IoT, and other devices that Jasmy has customized. All devices configured with JASMY Secure PC will be automatically opened by the server remotely at regular intervals and then pushed and installed.

In other words, with the help of Jasmy IoT Platform, companies do not need all employees of the Information Technology Department to work overtime. They can genuinely achieve automated management while ensuring data security. It dramatically simplifies the workload of enterprise IT operation and maintenance and prevents data information leakage. ”

As the person in charge of the Sony FeliCa project, Mr. Nao Morita brings his experience in encryption technology to Jasmy’s services, thus significantly ensuring the security of hardware devices in various products of Jasmy IoT Platform.

Industry insiders lament that the combination of experience and technology is an essential factor in the rapid global expansion of Jasmy’s business. It is under the situation that the epidemic is sweeping the world.

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