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As a leading translation agency in London, we offer a wide range of translation services for our clients in the United Kingdom and further. Whether you need legal translations, certified translations, e-learning translations, or even interpreting services, we have expert linguists who can offer a high-quality service every time.

All our translators only ever translate into their mother tongue, giving you the highest-quality translation possible. We offer a fully comprehensive service with a fast turnaround, and all translations will be overseen by one of our extremely responsive project managers who can make sure that you know of any updates to your translation project. We have a great track record of satisfaction, even from the most demanding clients.

Why choose us for high-quality translation services?

We are trusted by new and returning customers across the UK because of our comprehensive translation services. As a leading translation agency in the United Kingdom, our language service covers all the bases, such as:

- Competitive pricing with a clear per-word pricing structure

- Language services for over 150 languages, including all major languages

- Certified translation services for legal documents

- Professional linguists with over five years' experience in their language pair

- Account managers and project managers to handle any concerns you have

- Free quote within one hour of a quote request

- Urgent translation service available

- ISO certified 17100:2015

- Discretion and confidentiality

- Mother tongue translators

We pride ourselves on being a translation company offering complete London translation services. Whatever your translation needs are, our translation experts in the United Kingdom can help. Whether you want to expand your business's reach to foreign markets, translate training manuals or contracts for workers abroad, or whether you need forms translated for official purposes, our comprehensive service can help.

What's Included?

ISO certified 17100:2015 agency

Documents revised by 2 qualified translators

A professional translator with 5+ years of experience

Competitive quote within 1 hour

Transparent per-word pricing

Qualified experts in language & culture

London translation agency - our services

As a leading translation agency in the United Kingdom, we offer top translation services in a range of fields, all at competitive prices, with a fast turnaround. We pride ourselves on being an international translation company that offers professional translations to any company or individual. No project is too large or too small for our United Kingdom-based translation services.

Creative translation service

Creative translation is important for marketing and publishing. Our creative linguistic experts can make sure that your document has the right nuance, flow, and appeal for your international clients and customers. Our London translation services can also help maintain or adjust the layout of a document intended for printing or desktop publishing.

Legal translation service

Legal document translation requires accuracy, as well as fast and efficient service. We have translators with experience in the legal field, giving you the best professional solution for getting legal documents translated correctly. Our certified translators can also supply proof that a document is a sworn translation, which is necessary for a lot of uses such as court paperwork, personal documents such as birth certificates, or immigration forms.

Technical translation service

Our London translation services include experts in technical fields - whether you need a linguist service for chemistry, engineering, medicine, or any other technical field, we provide a high-quality language service. We understand how important accuracy is in technical linguistic services, and we pride ourselves on our accuracy.

Translation services in over 150 languages

For international companies, global brands, and individuals, we can offer translation services in over 150 languages - either for an English translation of a document, or a translation into a different target language. We have helped with translations for a range of different industries and can tailor our translations to your needs - whether you need just one language, or translation into multiple different languages.

Complete linguistic services

As well as document translation, we can offer professional transcription services, subtitling services, voice-overs, interpretation, or we can help with a custom linguistic service to meet your needs. From our London office, we can offer any translation service as an international translation agency - we can translate whatever file, document, or recording you need our service for.

All professional translation services under one roof

As a leading translation agency in the United Kingdom, we can offer all the professional translation services you need under one roof. We have professional translators with experience in legal translations, financial translation, marketing translations, and more. This means that whatever document translation services you need, you can rely on us. This means that you do not have to spend time looking for individual London translation services for your different needs - if you need both legal and financial translation services, our comprehensive London translation services can save you time.

Ready To Get Started?

Contact us with your project request, and we’ll get back to you within 1 hour with competitive translation services estimates.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a special type of translation where the translator signs to guarantee that the final document is a true and accurate translation of the original document. Some countries have requirements on the fluency that is required before someone can certify a document. For example, the linguist may need to have certain qualifications or be registered with a governing body. Not all documents need to have their translation certified. Certification is mostly needed for legal documents such as birth certificates. Our certified translators are industry experts who can certify translations.

What are native tongue translators?

Native tongue translators are translators who only translate into their native language. They will also be fluent in the other language or languages that are used in the original document. We use native tongue translators because we believe that this gives the best quality of translation. A native speaker will be able to get the right nuance, tone, and feel to the text. A non-native translator may be fluent with the language but can easily muddle phrases, sayings, colloquialisms, and other nuances of the language. Using a native tongue translator is the best way to make sure that your finished translation makes perfect sense to your target audience.

Why are there specialist translation services?

Some types of translation are considered specialist skills, such as legal translation, financial translation, technical translation, medical translation, and more. This is because the terminologies and language used in these documents can be complex, and a lot of people may not be comfortable with this type of document. There is also a much higher risk of consequences if these documents are translated incorrectly. This is why we always suggest using language experts who are also sworn translators with experience in your field, to ensure the best quality translation for your most important documents.

What languages can you translate?

Our professional translators can handle over 150 languages. This includes the most commonly spoken languages, such as English, French, Chinese, German, and more, as well as a lot of less common languages. If you do not see your language listed, get in touch, as we have a large network of translators and can meet almost all language needs.

How much do translation services cost?

We always pride ourselves on having competitive pricing for our professional translations. To keep our prices fair and transparent, we give quotes based on the word length for written translation services or based on the time in minutes for audio or video translations. This means that we cannot give a firm quote until we know what you need to be translated. Get in touch today to get a free quote back within one hour.

How long do translations take?

The exact timeframe for translations, interpretation services, or other language services depends on exactly what the job is - obviously, a large project will take longer than an individual document. However, when you request a quote, we can also give a time estimate for how long your translation will take.

If you need translation services completed immediately, we also offer urgent translation services.

What about machine translations?

While there is a wide range of computer translation services available these days, we still believe that using trained professional translators gives the highest quality linguistic solutions. Computer translation software works by translating individual words or short phrases, rather than treating the whole file as a piece. This means that there are more likely to be errors. Human translators also have the ability to translate documents with the right nuance and tone, which computers struggle with. We always recommend going to a translation agency that uses human translators, not computers.

What is the difference between transcription and translation?

As well as full translation services, we offer transcription services. Transcription is used to turn the spoken words of a video or audio file into text. This can be useful for adding subtitles to a video or creating a text document of a recording meeting. Having a transcript means you can easily flick through the contents of an audio file, which can save you time. Subtitles and transcripts are also vital for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We can of course also offer translations of the transcripts we create.

Why use a professional translation agency?

Many people consider doing their own translations, either by using a computer translation software or by asking a friend or family member for help. However, neither of these options gives you the accuracy that a professional service can provide. Computer translations can be stilted and unnatural in how they sound, and unless you have access to someone who speaks your target language natively, you will often find that there are inaccuracies in the finished translation. This can be a huge problem when translating even simple documents - it is common to find that clients, customers, or other target audiences are put off by translations that sound stilted and wrong.

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