Phoenix DUI Lawyer Launches Campaign to Make Drivers Aware of Available DUI Defenses

Diane Blackford starts publicity campaign to educate drivers about the DUI defenses available to them.

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Drivers, when facing a DUI charge, often forget that they are innocent until proven guilty. When one has been pulled over and accused of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, legal representation is needed immediately. “Clients who go it alone risk their livelihood and their family’s lifestyle,” according to Diane Blackford of Phoenix DUI Lawyer.

DUI Lawyers Phoenix understand the law and help clients obtain the most favorable outcome possible. What many don’t realize is a Phoenix DUI lawyer also monitors cases in other states. “Having information about successful DUI defenses in other states as well as Arizona provides the lawyer with an edge that the average person doesn’t have. For example, DUI checkpoints in Albuquerque were recently investigated as residents felt a portion of the city wasn’t receiving their fair share. If checkpoints are being used unfairly, the attorney may use this to challenge the DUI arrest,” Ms. Blackford explains.

Other DUI Defenses successfully used in the past include the necessity defense, involuntary intoxication and improper chain of custody of blood test. An attorney mounts the necessity defense when he or she can claim the person drove to avoid a great evil and no other options were available. With this defense, the ‘greater evil’ must be more serious than any possible harm from a DUI. Involuntary intoxication occurs when a person doesn’t know he or she is under the influence and may occur when a drink is spiked by another party while the chain of custody of blood test defense questions the administration of the test and any possible tampering. “The Phoenix DUI lawyer understands when it is best to make use of each type of defense available,” Ms. Blackford continues.

Other defenses include improper police actions, administration/ accuracy of standard breathalyzer test, improper stop and entrapment. “Most citizens assume that, once arrested for DUI, very few options remain open to them. Nothing is further from the truth. DUI Lawyers Phoenix examine the facts of the case to determine which type of defense to mount. Knowledgeable legal representation increases the chances of a defendant walking away from the charge or receiving a reduced sentence so no one should go this path alone,” Ms. Blackford declares.

About Phoenix DUI Lawyer:
Phoenix DUI Lawyer provides representation for clients charged with driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. The number of DUI cases in Phoenix, Arizona continues to rise and, as a result, governments are imposing stricter penalties and tougher punishments. The attorney helps clients avoid stringent consequences, such as the loss of a driver’s license or time behind bars. As the attorney understands the seriousness of the crime, he or she works to eliminate or reduce the punishment imposed by the court. The client needs to be completely forthright and honest to ensure this is the case.

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