STC life, Co., Ltd. Successfully Treats Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient at 97.7 B&H Hospital Stem Cell Center

Stem cell research institute of STC Life Co., Ltd. (Chairman: KYE HO LEE) and 97.7 B&H Clinic (Representative Doctor: WON JU JUNG) successfully finished mesenchymal stem cell therapy for the pulmonary fibrosis patient who visited Korea from Calgary, Canada.

Pulmonary fibrosis is a disease caused by overproduction of fibrous tissues while lung tissues are consistently being destroyed. As scar tissues gradually spread to entire lung, oxygen uptake is reduced, which causes difficulty in breathing. It is a kind of autoimmune diseases that attacks the patient’s immune system of his or her own tissues. In particular, it is reported that pulmonary fibrosis is frequently found in patients with a severe autoimmune disease.

The patient was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, an autoimmune disease three years ago. It made the patient difficult to live a normal life due to the symptoms of weight loss, blood circulation delay and dyspnea.

According to the research team led by ph.D Sang Yeon Lee of STC Life Stem Cell Research Center, the patient had difficulty in blood circulation and breathing and could not pronounce clearly before the therapy. But, two days after the first stem cell therapy, patient’s blood circulation enhanced, hands and feet became warmer and breathing functions improved. After the second stem cell therapy, it was found that the patient’s breathing showed clear improvement and the patient could pronounce more easily. Moreover, the blood test revealed that the inflammatory response decreased.

It is reported that the number of patients with autoimmune diseases in USA reached 30 million. This disease generates the largest number of patients followed by myocardial diseases but it’s known to be cured by stem cell therapy.

Mesenchymal stem cells, one of the adult stem cells, are widely used for tissue regeneration. Stem Cell Research Treatment Center of STC Life collected and used some stem cells from fetal umbilical cord.

Chairman Kye ho Lee at STC Life ( said “We have been successfully performing stem cell therapies for various diseases such as Parkinson's disease, autoimmune disorders, anemia, brain disorders and etc.”

He added “Stem cells of STC Life Research Institute (ph.D: Sang Yeon Lee) which are collected from a umbilical cord is known to act as a foundation cells in adult stem cells, which present in the body tissues and organs, thus maintaining the function of normal cells and regeneration of damaged tissues in human organs. It enables a variety of growth and differentiation in the human organs.”

97.7 B & H Clinic and STC Stem Cell Institute are becoming new leaders of biotechnology industry that give hopes to many people suffering from incurable diseases around the world with continuous treatment for various intractable diseases.


STC Life Co., Ltd.
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