Dr. David Silber, DMD, Helps Dentists Increase Their Bottom Line By Teaching The Business Side of Dentistry

David Silber DMD

Dr. David Silber, DMD, is a Dallas/Fort Worth Dentist and Cosmetic Dental Consultant who is a recognized expert in the combined science and art of minimally-invasive veneers to create bright, beautiful smiles. He was even entrusted with the dental care needs of Ms. Universe 2001. Dr. Silber is a well-respected dental Author, Speaker, and Consultant who teaches dentists how to improve their practice and maximize profits without sacrificing patient care.

Today, Dr. David Silber educates dentists about the business side of dentistry, focusing on providing a unique insight into where dentists commonly fail in setting up and managing their practices. He offers common sense advice that doesn’t pull punches about the realities of the high cost of keeping up with new technology in dentistry. He understands firsthand the challenges that dentists face who have been trained in caring for teeth, but not necessarily in creating and maintaining a practice. He consults dentists on all aspects of their practice from creating and maintaining an online presence to balancing the need to make a living with providing the highest quality care to patients. Dr. Silber says, “I help dentists learn how to look at the business side of dentistry and create a practice that provides the highest level of care, using the most up-to-date technology available and also provides the most income at the end of the day.”

Dr. Silber’s patient, April Geron says, “Dr. David Silber is an expert in his field. He makes you feel comfortable and confident in the services he delivers, and the results are fantastic.” Melody Pokorny says of Dr. Silber, “Dr. Silber is energetic and enthusiastic about any task he takes on! He is a fantastic educator and motivator. I got to see firsthand the cosmetic results of his dentistry at work; as he did many smile makeovers on people I knew. They continue to speak well and recommend him!”

Dr. Silber is passionate about changing the field of dentistry. He explains, “One of the biggest problems in our profession is that dentists don’t understand how to correctly price their services. Patients will always see going to the dentist as expensive, whether you charge $50 for a cleaning or $100. It is more important to figure out your overhead cost and set prices accordingly than to try to compete with others based on price. Competing on price is never a good scenario for any dentist or their competition. It becomes a race to the bottom on price and in the end, nobody wins and quality is often compromised.”

Dr. Silber trains his consulting clients on how to look at their overall cost of doing business and factor in overhead, salaries and the cost of buying new technology. Keeping up with the technological updates constantly required to maintain the technology commonly used is also essential for dentists to determine how to price their services. He has found that getting clients in the door is only the beginning of managing a dental practice from the business perspective.

According to Dr. Silber, many dentists make the mistake of trying to squeeze in more and more patients into already packed schedules in order to make enough money to keep up with the high cost of doing business and still have a profit at the end. Many burn themselves out, or patient care suffers. Instead, Dr. Silber advises his consulting clients to focus on specific services that offer a high rate of return and to look at which areas of the practice as a whole would benefit from new technology (such as going paperless) versus investing in every gadget or toy a distributor tries to sell that might not contribute to a better bottom line. By using Dr. Silber’s strategies, his clients end up with more money in their pocket as a result of all their efforts and hard work.

Dr. Silber says, “I met a friend, a fellow dentist recently. He was asking after my practice and how I was doing. He was feeling a bit tired and frazzled seeing 30 patients the day before in his office with another day just like it lined up. He felt great about the money he made at the end of the day, but the cost of seeing so many patients a day was showing. He asked me about my day and I didn’t want to share at first. I’d seen just four patients the day before, but they were the right patients for my practices. On two I’d placed Lumineers®, the third was a cleaning, exam and xrays. The fourth started out as a cleaning, but after our consultation, the patient decided to pursue Lumineers®. For much less personal effort, I’d made more than enough to pay my overhead and to have a healthy profit left over.” He adds, “I tell all my clients you don’t have to work harder and see more patients to make more money!”

Dr. David Silber received his DMD degree from the University of Puerto Rico in 1994. He has lectured throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, CIS and the Caribbean for local dental societies as well as private dental companies. His subjects include cosmetic dentistry, air abrasion and dental practice management.

Dr. Silber is a true believer in minimally-invasive dentistry as he has been removing decay from teeth with air abrasion and creating painless smile makeovers since 1997. Dr. Silber’s articles on cosmetic dentistry have been published worldwide and he is also a member of a panel of doctors who promote scientific research for the improvement of dental materials.

For more information about Dr. David Silber please visit: http://www.DavidSilber.com/. He can be reached by phone at (214) 335-2257 . Or, email David Silber at: doctor@davidsilber.com.

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