The gold mining liquidity revolution carried by GoldFinX and its crypto solution

The fintech 2.0 plan of democratizing the rush for gold in the distributed market through the GiX hybrid coin is set to present both a versatile digital currency for decentralized ventures and capital funding for cleaner and more profitable gold mining.

Geneva, Switzerland - According to Jean-Michel Alfieri and Philippe Bednarek, both leaders of GoldFinX, investors and enthusiasts of every sector are about to have access to the lucrative potential of artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM). Currently, the industry is expected to enter a new era of expansion, prompted by an upcoming inflow of capital.

As specified on GoldFinX's website, this particular business strategy arises from the prevalent need in the decentralized market to obtain better performance and profitability standards for coin holders. At the other extreme, artisanal miners are in need of efficient technology for non-toxic extraction processes, and improved benefits. Pursuant to these goals, the enterprise developed its currency, the GiX coin.

This asset will allow those who acquire it to contribute to funding artisanal mining on its transition to clean exploitation. GoldFinX will advance this funding in exchange for a portion of the mine’s production, which will then be stored for the most part in a Swiss bank vault. This will provide a stable minimum value for the virtual resource.

At the same time, and according to the data handled by GoldFinX, those who get involved with GiX will be dealing with a resource backed by gold, contributing to greater worldwide acceptance of cryptocurrency. They will also be generating a permanent positive impact in several locations around the world.

Inside the "feel-good" venture

The purpose of the GoldFinX, as expressed by its Chief Operating Officer, Francois Dumont, is to unite the benefits of gold and cryptographic capital in one solution that contributes to both the global economy and social development. This aspect seems to echo the very nature of "solidarity" initiated by Satoshi Nakamoto when he introduced the technology that led to the blockchain revolution. In this sense, the GiX powered by GoldFinX is fast becoming the most efficient way to provide proper capital to a segment of the 40,000,000 artisanal gold miners worldwide. Allowing them to make better decisions with technology and resource management, thus guaranteeing better profitability, less negative impact on the environment, and a path to becoming a legal and formal enterprise. This in turn ensures a peace of mind for the miners, their families, their communities and their Governments who finally see a mining royalty paid. All of these positive impacts will contribute for a better life around the mining community.

One of the key elements within the proposal is that the “reliable blockchain protocol” guarantees the possibility of tracking the resources throughout the entire logistical network. This TruOrigination supply-chain management system from GoldFinX represents a significant advantage to the small-scale gold industry.

Along these lines, GiX holders of all walks of life (miners, HoM, GFX, investors) will maximize their revenues thanks to a "built-in minimum price growth mechanism." This potentially eliminates volatility from the equation otherwise associated with individual digital currencies like Bitcoin and others.

About GoldFinX

With its leadership dating back to 1994 in the areas of technological and financial innovation, the Atlas Group of Companies - operating in the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, Dubai, Portugal, and Singapore - decided to venture into the decentralized world of cryptocurrency, providing a funding solution to the mining sector.

For the public to appreciate the strength that exists in using the GiX as a means of payment with high potential, the company will collaborate with trading and e-commerce platforms, which, in turn, will contribute to greater acceptance of this long-term resource.

Initial Coin Offering

GoldFinX has arranged the sale of GiX by selling up to 250 million of GiX coins at 2 Euros per GiX. A pre-sale discount of 50% is offered to early and selected buyers. GoldFinX already has an “A” coinscore at CoinSchedule.

Participants can buy GiX coins using Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), or fiat (Euros and US Dollars).

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