What Wood Pellet Storage Option Will Suit You?

Wood Pellet Storage, a manufacturer and supplier of domestic and commercial of wood pellet and wood chip storage, is recognizing that deciding which wood pellet storage option is best is an important stage in choosing a biomass boiler for your home. When installing a domestic wood pellet boiler, customers have two options: to install a hopper or to manually load the boiler to reduce initial outlay. Wood Pellet Storage is a premier service provider for large range wood pellets and chips. 


Wood Pellet Storage Options:

1. Hopper

Hoppers are considered the most popular wood pellet storage option due to their capacity to hold a “minimum of 3.5 tons of wood pellets.” Because most suppliers will work on a minimum delivery of three tons, customers can order pellets when they notice they are getting down to a half-ton in their hopper. Hoppers are traditionally made of wood, metal, plastic or bags, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can fit your needs.

Some benefits to the Hopper include less worry of loading the boiler yourself as it is done automatically, hoppers are waterproof so your pellets will stay dry, and because the pellets are blown in from a tanker, there is no need for the use of bags. However, Hoppers also include some disadvantages. Hoppers are fairly large and can take up a significant amount of space, most are unattractive in appearance, because it is possible for condensation to form inside of the hoppers, pellets can swell and clog the auger, and lastly, some hoppers can produce carbon monoxide, so if you are in the market to store “wood pellets especially in a warm area” ensure you are getting a carbon monoxide monitor fitted immediately.” For more information about Hoppers, please visit https://www.woodpelletstorage.net/.

2. Bagged Wood Pellets

If you find you are someone who does not have space for a hopper, then you may be forced to manually feed your wood pellet boiler. Fortunately, it is not as bad! You can begin by filling it initially, which should keep you going just under a week, especially in the winter. Afterward, anytime you are adding to the bins, you can throw in a few more bags and eventually get into the habit of “filling it daily in the winter and every three or four days in the summer.”

Some of the benefits to bagged wood pellets or wood chip storage bags are that they take up less space and the delivery is not that labor-intensive through the many delivery options that are available. However, just like everything, there are some disadvantages to this option. Unfortunately, this is a manual activity and physically lifting and loading the bags is probably not ideal. Also, you will need to make sure you are storing the bags in a dry area.

About Wood Pellet Storage: Wood Pellet Storage is a manufacturer and supplier of a large range of domestic and commercial wood pellet and wood chip storage and transfer systems. The company offers a broad range of wood pellet and wood chip storage products and services across domestic, industrial, commercial, and agricultural market sectors. The company also designs, manufactures, installs, and commissions to customer’s specifications and the products are designed for internal and external wood pellet or wood chip storage environments.

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