Game-Changing PIVOT Spray Bottle Launches on Kickstarter

Based out of Florida, Nexshift Inc. is a product development startup committed to creating products that improve the user experience, eliminate waste and create a cleaner future. Their new patented spray bottle has an innovative design that enhances ergonomics and reduces waste, while also promoting reusability, cutting down on plastic and chemical waste filling our oceans and landfills. 


Fort Myers, FL ‒ April 10th, 2021 ‒ Nexshift Inc., a product development startup launched its flagship product, PIVOT, a game-changing spray bottle innovation on Kickstarter. PIVOT is the first spray bottle of its kind with a patented pivoting trigger sprayer that freely pivots 180 degrees allowing for continuous spray at any angle until the last drop with no product waste.

“My wife Valerie and I worked in the family business, a small dry cleaners in Naples, FL and experienced a lot of frustration with spray bottles,” said Tyler Fyke, Founder & CEO at Nexshift Inc. “With most spray bottles, even if the bottle is half full, if you’re spraying up or down, you will almost always lose prime and spray nothing but air and bubbles, wasting your time and product. We set out on a mission to reinvent the spray bottle from the ground up to create a better user experience. PIVOT is the most innovative and functionally designed spray bottle ever built, a true game-changer for sustainable packaging and spray bottles.”

PIVOT solves the problem of people having to prematurely refill bottles or tossing them out early with fluid to onboard. Not only wasting product, but also a ton of plastic since most bottles are discarded. PIVOT maximizes every single drop, effortlessly. Zero-waste. Plus, it was built like a tool making it robust and reusable, the first spray bottle you won’t want to throw away. Now you can take part in the refill revolution with your new favorite forever spray bottle, PIVOT!

The ergonomic packaging design makes PIVOT an extremely efficient spray tool, letting users spray tables, floors, ceilings, windows, tires, you name it. Whether the bottle is pointed up or down, the drawtube stays at a constant position. Worry no more about your spray bottle failing and focus more on the task at hand. Another benefit is the relaxed wrist angle, PIVOT allows you to effortlessly bear the weight of the bottle with less strain on your forearm and wrist.

PIVOT’s reduced height allows it to easily store under sinks and shelves, taking up less space than your average spray bottle. And it’s not top-heavy like its spray bottle ancestors so it won’t be falling all over the place. There’s also a 2-step trigger lock, making accidental spraying a challenge. Refill your PIVOT easily with its wide-mouth refill feature, reducing spillage while pouring.

If you want to be part of eliminating the “throw-away” spray culture and help Nexshift bring PIVOT to market, go check out their Kickstarter campaign where you can support their efforts and save some money on Rewards only available on Kickstarter. Not only will you get a good deal, but you are also helping a young startup launch their first product.

ABOUT NEXSHIFT INC.: With over 50 years of combined experience in product development and engineering for manufacturing, Nexshift is committed to creating a cleaner future through product innovation. Their goal is to create products that are more sustainable and also outperform what’s currently accepted by the industry.

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Name: Tyler Fyke
Organization: Nexshift Inc.
Phone: 239-298-3210


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