"Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads" - The Podcast Bringing Laughter, Healing, and Mental Health Support to All

The "Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads" podcast, hosted by G-Rex and Dirty Skittles, offers humor and discussion on life's challenges, mental health, and more, with a mission of providing support, upliftment, and companionship through candid conversations.

Founding Story:
"Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads," a podcast deeply rooted in G-Rex's personal journey, began after a mental breakdown on Christmas Day 2022. Supported by 988, her wife, and a higher power, G-Rex realized the importance of sharing her story to inspire healing and recovery. Her experience shared on social media highlighted the role of laughter and therapy in recovery, inspiring the podcast's mission to normalize mental health conversations and support others on their unique paths.

Podcast Content:
Offering a lighthearted yet impactful platform, "Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads" features hosts G-Rex and Dirty Skittles engaging in authentic conversations about various life challenges. Covering topics from relationships and parenting to pop culture and mental health, the podcast empowers listeners to embrace their mental health journeys. It stands out by providing not only humor but also valuable tips and strategies for navigating tough times, aiming to uplift, inspire, and equip the audience with new tools for life's challenges. The podcast's conversations emphasize authenticity and inclusivity, fostering a supportive environment.

Purpose and Mission:
The podcast's purpose is to normalize mental health conversations, emphasizing that individuals are not alone in their personal journeys. It offers a supportive space for listeners to find comfort and understanding, exploring various aspects of mental health and life experiences. Beyond laughter, the podcast delivers practical tips and strategies for tough times, aiming to leave its audience uplifted, inspired, and better equipped for life's challenges. The show reflects the genuine connection of two friends who understand the importance of companionship during life's trials, creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Podcast Impact:
With over 243,000 downloads and a presence in over 60 countries, "Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads" has achieved significant impact. Recognized as one of the best mental health podcasts of 2024, it provides content that uplifts, inspires, and equips the audience with tools for life's challenges. The podcast offers a break from daily chaos and a supportive environment for listeners needing a pick-me-up. Its acclaim and positive ratings reflect its meaningful impact in sharing stories and ensuring no one feels alone in their mental health journey.

Recent Highlights:
The podcast recently featured an interview with Marci Hopkins, an NYC talk show host. Marci shared her journey as a recovering alcoholic and her commitment to helping others heal. This episode, released on 2/6/2024, along with the launch of season 5, continues the podcast's dedication to sharing inspiring stories.

Upcoming Content or Events:
Upcoming interviews on the podcast include an award-winning musician discussing childhood bullying, a therapy dog owner aiding kids with anxiety in schools, an author recounting her 20-year mental health diagnosis journey, and a business owner who wrote about managing mental space. These episodes aim to reshape discussions on mental health, self-love, and self-care.

In conclusion, "Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads" invites listeners to a space where it's okay not to be okay, as long as there's a willingness to engage in conversations. The podcast strives to provide a supportive and positive content source, normalizing mental health discussions and fostering understanding and togetherness. Aiming to ensure no one feels alone in their mental health journey, the podcast continues to share stories that bring comfort and companionship to its global audience.

Additional Notes:
Ratings, reviews, and other relevant statistics:

The podcast's widespread impact and appeal are demonstrated by its download numbers and growing global audience across 60 countries. Its engaging perspective is further evidenced by the 150 ratings on Apple Podcasts, showcasing its credibility and listener appeal.

Quotes or testimonials from listeners:
Recent Reviews:

  • "It's rare to find a podcast that manages to be both intellectually stimulating and heartwarming. If you're looking for a podcast that radiates positivity and intelligence, look no further. It's a true gem!"
  • "I've fallen in love with this podcast! The hosts' enthusiasm is infectious, and the diverse range of topics keeps me hooked. It's a delightful journey into engaging conversations that never fail to bring a smile to my face."
  • "This podcast is a breath of fresh air in the crowded podcasting landscape. The hosts' genuine passion for their subjects shines through, making each episode a joy to listen to. The dynamic between them is both entertaining and insightful, creating a perfect blend of humor and substance. The variety of topics covered ensures there's something for everyone, and I love how each episode leaves me with a newfound appreciation for the subject at hand. In a world of fleeting content, this podcast is a true standout, offering a captivating and enriching experience."
  • "I love this podcast! It’s a perfect combo of laughter, uplifting content, and hosting personalities who are very credible and more than qualified to address the topics they address. I literally feel like I am a part of their conversations when I tune in. So organic, welcoming, warm, and real! That’s the style that I admire and no surprise they are already so successful! Please follow them, subscribe, tune in, and share! I greatly recommend!!!"

Contact Info:
Name: Gretchen Schoser
Email: Send Email
Organization: Sh!t That Goes On In Our Heads
Phone: 1 (954) 336-5304
Website: https://goesoninourheads.net/

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