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Online Worldwide Film Festival

Syracuse, Oct 21, 2020 ( - Creators Film Festival 2020 Winners


Written by: Michelle DiBernardo

Edited by: Jamie Lynn Garner


Press Release for Creators Film Festival Winners


Creators Film Festival ( presented by DiBernardo Productions (www.DiBernardoProductions.Media) is proud to announce their winners: (Animation- The Last Page of Summer, Documentaries- In Their Shoes, Feature Film- Chantage, Movie Poster- Need, Music Video- Good Things Will Come, Short Films- The Distanced & Trailers- Stop Invasione) for Creators Film Festival's 2020's online film festival. The Festival was available online October 9 & 10, 2020 with a total of 69 submissions that came from the United States, United Kingdom, Belarus, Sweden, Germany, Iran, India, Iraq, Romania, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, Portugal, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Hong Kong! With so many amazing entries we would have loved to choose everyone but unfortunately, that isn't how the game works. 23 Finalists and 1 Honorable selection were chosen for our first film festival.


"The Last Page of Summer" 

USA- Florida

Animation Winner


The film is a period piece that shows the sunny side of the 60s through the eyes of a local Sunshine Pop band who have songs on the radio but have never broken out of the local scene. This starts out as a "day in the life" view of the band as they prepare for the biggest day of their career (a nationally televised gig at their local fairgrounds). Their carefree antics gradually become overshadowed by the Music Elitists, who are the worst parts of the 1970s personified and will take any measure to rid the world of all things "groovy". They creep in simultaneously with a literal approaching storm, at first being comically menacing, but giving a more frightening undertone as the film progresses.


"In Their Shoes: Unheard Stories of Reentry and Recovery"

USA- Georgia

Documentary Winner


In Their Shoes is a documentary film about a year in the lives of four men whose stories intersect in a Writers Without Margins prison reentry and addiction recovery creative writing program. In these complex portrayals of both hope and heartache, we learn, from their own words, what led each person to commit their crimes, and we witness the challenges of their ongoing stories on the outside, interspersed with interviews and appearances by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, Sheriff Michael Bellotti, Author Randall Horton, Professor James Pennebaker, Dr. Bertha Madras of Trump's Commission on the Opiate Crisis, and more. James Wahlberg and Wahl St. Productions have signed on for post-production and distribution.



USA- New Jersey

Feature Film Winner


Francine, a beautiful woman left her husband and daughter for a more handsome/richer man. At least that's what she thought. The con man was after her money.



United Kingdom

Movie Poster Winner


Need is a visual narrative, a psychological thriller exploring the mind of a killer who thinks he got away with it... But blood does not wash away.

"Good Things Will Come"

USA- Washington

Music Video Winner


This is the story of the water, as it moves through the Earth, nourishing life. This is the story of a healing river finding its true self again, after being freed from impenetrable damming. This is the story of the strong and enduring salmon, as they fight for survival, bringing hope and nourishment into the land. This is the story of a drum, and a song, and a prayer, carried on the back of a woman, on a journey to honor the beauty and to discover herself, her strength, her belief, and her celebration. This is all of our stories, as we overcome what's blocking us, and find ourselves once again in the true flow of the great river of life. Exalting, joyful, and gloriously loving of our Mother Earth, this music video is a cry of triumphant gratitude, for healing.


"The Distanced"

USA- Maryland

Short Film Winner


Across time and space, an unlikely romance forms between two star crossed lovers, each trapped in a quantum bubble of isolation. When Manny, a sarcastic video blogger, wakes to find himself in Quantum Isolation, his only companion is Heather, a vibrant single mother who can only communicate via video chat. Through their communications, we see the joy of love in bloom, and despair as that love is tested. Can Manny and Heather make it through this isolation... or will they remain. THE DISTANCED.



Trailer Winner


A man wakes up stuck inside his car following an accident, near to him lies his wife, unconscious. Through flashbacks, we follow the events that led to the accident while in Italy a mysterious epidemic is spreading. There are those who think that it's happening because of the vaccines, who are ready to swear that it is the fault of a meat-based diet, but until now the most accepted hypothesis is that the disease has started with foreigners.


Why Creators Film Festival?


Here at Creators Film festival, we recognize how difficult it is to get your creation on platforms where your project can reach the right audience. That is why our festival was founded to support and promote independent short films from all over the world and aim to promote and provide exposure to these films while organizing fun and culturally diverse nights of indie cinema for all.

We have a soft spot for movies and films produced in Upstate NY and Western Mass. To help promote and highlight local filmmaking we created special categories reserved just for them. We also want to promote filmmaking from a young age and want to recognize talents still in High School as well as College, and that is why we reserved special categories for those films created by students of BOTH.

Our program will reflect the diversity and opportunities within the short film genre, and our goal is to show films that the audience would otherwise have not seen and left a lasting impact, meanwhile offering the opportunity to network and create new lasting relationships and new opportunities for collaboration among the participants.

Submissions for our 2021 Festival are now being accepted at

Check our Board of Directors out at!

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