JDC Hydrus7 has been launched at Paris Blockchain Week

NAMPA, Idaho, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- JD COIN based out of Idaho, USA has launched its fourth-generation blockchain named Hydrus7 at Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) on Dec 10th, 2020 held at Station F, Paris. This was one of the biggest events of blockchain globally for the year 2020 held in association with the European government. The who's who of blockchain, cryptocurrency, Finance, Media, and Information technology like sector audience has participated in the same. JD COIN has been a proud gold partner with PBWS for the year 2020 among other media partners. This was a consecutive two days event held on Dec 9th and 10th, broadcasted virtually on a global platform.

JD Coin ranks among top cryptocurrencies in the world and has topped amongst the most trending tokens in Asia as per latest research and stats shared by esteemed COINMARKETCAP on Dec 5th, 2020.

JD Coin started its journey in April 2018 and came with an aim to understand the current issues with cryptocurrencies and wanted to address these issues by bringing ready solutions to not only ease the use of crypto but also to benefit the community as whole.

JD COIN has introduced Hydrus7 as the fourth-generation blockchain which is the latest version blockchain. Blockchain has come long way since its inception and old use cases and now quite popular among many sectors in the market. Previous generations of blockchain were limited in scalability due to their focus on mining. While mining provides a secure network but it also effects the transaction speed.

Due to huge duplication of data, these blockchains require more storage space, thus require bigger infrastructure to support its everyday operations. JD Coin has undergone immense research on all these issues before launching their new blockchain named Hydrus7, and aim to overcome such challenges through the introduction of multilayered hybrid consensus algorithms, which makes the transaction faster and secure. Hydrus7 infrastructure aims to solve these challenges in a structured manner with the help of AI, ML, Data compression in blocks, sharding, and built-in support for interoperability. By incorporation of the technologies as a stack, it becomes possible to do things which were not possible in the first-generation blockchains, such as instant transactions and atomic swaps, or building stable side chains for enterprise applications.

Sidechains also help in quick transaction settlements which contributes to our mission for higher transaction speeds. With an intent of getting more use cases, quick adoption in the merchant community and make IoT devices a part of the network, verifying and validating transactions.

As other cryptocurrencies reaching all-time highs are making positive moves in the mindset of the common man. The time that the common man uses crypto currency is coming to reality.

"We want to utilize the computing power of common devices like TV's [ Digital Signages], Mobiles, smart watches, etc. to be part of our network. These devices are kept powered on for most of the time and have a huge amount of unutilized compute power that we want to harness to be a part of our network. This will help build many use cases in gaming, supply chain, DeFi and energy to start with, and then allow the startup ecosystem to take over the next round of use cases in a very big way and we fund and incubate them," - says Dr. Bhupinder Singh, CEO APAC JD Coin.

There is a lot of technological research that is underway such as high-speed data compression, interchain communication and atomic swaps. With new types of crypto derivatives entering the market and types of smart contracts already in place, there is seen a huge growth in DeFi markets. JDC Hydrus7 aims to enter into DeFi markets where common man can participate in borderless lending and borrowing process and benefit from this market by just having a smartphone and even with no prior knowledge of blockchain or crypto at all. By this, a small business man wanting money to buy raw material in Brazil can be funded by one more small business man who has excess cash in New York, which is underwritten by a Japanese insurance company. This DeFi application is known as Shōrai Komāsu.

Along with this, JD Coin is also launching many other applications on Hydrus7 blockchain like GNP apps, Digital Therapeutics Devices (DTx), The Brain Project, Prōtegō, H7 Gaming products, etc. These are some very exciting applications and have amazing use cases in B2B as well as day to day life.

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