Sep. 28, 2020


Pam Muñoz Ryan: Award-winning author pens stories of hope and resilience

Fifth in a series: A project marking the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Decision comes after reports of a criminal investigation, questions about his personal disclosures

Federal agency wants answers about the drug and smart device used to inject the DNA-vaccine before giving the go-ahead for large scale clinical trial

Four Northern California blazes — the Glass and Boysen fires in Napa County, the Shady fire in Santa Rosa and the Zogg fire in Shasta County — burned 11,000 acres in barely 24 hours.

Trump needs to change a race he’s losing. Biden needs to prove himself to voters who don’t like the president but remain uncertain about the challenger.

The bombshell revelations that President Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes the year he ran for office and paid no income taxes at all in many others threaten to undercut a pillar of his appeal among blue-collar voters

‘It’s been a whirlwind since then. We’ve dealt with so many trials and tribulations,’ Tony Abuka said of his brother’s death in El Cajon four years ago, which sparked protests against police-involved shootings

There are 20,000 criminal cases are awaiting some kind of resolution, presenting a daunting challenge for the court system as it tries to get fully operating

There are major changes for San Diego voters before Election Day, and it’s unclear what races will be called by the end of the night

When Escondido voters go to the polls Nov. 3, they’ll determine the philosophical and policy direction of the City Council for at least the next two years, as three of the five seats on the panel will be up for grabs.

Demographic shifts, social-justice activism suggested time was ripe for return to race-based considerations. Recent polls raise questions.


Tuesday, Sept. 29

12:00 p.m. | Together San Diego
Meet Lauren Mathios, the 15-year-old who created the winning public service announcement in the Union-Tribune’s Stop the Spread contest.

1:30 p.m. | San Diego News Fix
Union-Tribune reporters discuss the biggest stories of the day. San Diego News Fix is also available wherever you get your podcasts.

Explore our literary event, which includes discussions with more than 75 award-winning authors.


A diversity of views and perspectives

The Community Voices Project is a forum for respectful discourse about news of the day and matters of the community that brings dozens of thought leaders together in a public dialogue, which can be a model for others.

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    Stories on San Diego’s community and cultural life from an award-winning columnist.

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Hear from Eric Hosmer, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Jayce Tingler and see the reaction from fans as the Padres clinch a postseason berth for the first time since 2006.



Who gets asylum? A decade of immigration court data reveals a capricious asylum system that has fallen short of its promise of safety for 40 years

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Researchers found that more than 1 million records of U.S. immigration cases were missing from recently released government databases

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Within the ranks of the storied 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 10 soldiers have taken their own lives so far this year

Rear Adm. Collin Green tried to root out misconduct among the elite Navy SEALs and became the target of conspiracy allegations in Gallagher case

Bills introduced by Democrats Mike Levin and Scott Peters address COVID-19 housing relief, mental health for veterans

Members of the newly formed U.S. Space Force are deploying troops to a vast new frontier: the Arabian Peninsula


5 Ways Houston Personal Health Coaches Are Changing People’s Lives

Personal health coaches are helping change the way people live, eat, and think. Here’s how a dedicated health coach can help you reach your full potential.


Houston, TX, August 25, 2020 – Since the 1970s, the number of fast-food places has more than doubled. This is just one factor that can make it difficult for people to make healthy lifestyle choices on their own.

It’s much quicker to stop at a fast-food place in Houston on your way home from work. If someone was holding you accountable for your decisions, would you choose better options for yourself? That is where personal health coaches come in.

What Is a Health Coach?

Personal health coaches are those who can help individuals with their lifestyle choices that affect physical, mental, and emotional health. These coaches work to guide you towards healthy lifestyle changes.

A wellness health coach is different from your primary doctor. Yes, doctors will tell you if you are in decent health, but they don’t enforce lifestyle changes that can help you feel better than ever. A health coach can help you integrate changes into your daily life.

Do you ever leave your doctor feeling frustrated because, although you are in good health, you have sleeping problems or don’t know how to eat better on your own? This is just one instance that a wellness coach can help in. You see your doctor maybe once or twice a year, but a wellness coach will be more be a detrimental part of your life so you don’t have to be frustrated anymore!

If you are expecting to visit a wellness coach soon, be ready to discuss things like your health history. This could include any chronic conditions, medications, or supplements you take, your eating habits, your sleep patterns, and more.

You should also be prepared to discuss what you want your future to look like. What specific target do you have in mind? If you don’t have something specific, a wellness coach will be able to help you get a plan together.

If you truly want a healthier lifestyle, keep an open mind. Coaches may ask you to explore therapies you have never considered before.

Houston is known as one of the best medical communities in the world. As the wellness coach field is growing, Houston is becoming one of the best places to find personal health coaches.

So how can a personal health coach benefit you? Here are five ways Houston personal health coaches are changing people’s lives:

1. Manages Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions can be difficult to live with. Houston wellness coaches can help manage those conditions that you have to deal with every day.

Some of the most common chronic conditions that health coaches can help with are diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The strategies health coaches use can manage chronic conditions.

Do you not have a chronic condition, but worry about getting one? A wellness coach can help you prevent getting a chronic condition too.

The behavior modifications that health coaches persuade you to try will give you the results you are looking for. Your doctor may be able to connect you with a Houston wellness coach that has a treatment plan for your specific chronic condition.

2. Changes Your Diet

Health coaches can change people’s lives by changing their diets. Let’s be honest, switching up your food habits can be hard to do on your own. Having a wellness coach that will ensure you are keeping up with your diet plan can do wonders for your health.

Changes in your diet can enforce positive changes in your life by enhancing your wellbeing. The food you eat has a major impact on your overall health. This includes affecting your physical and mental health.

Do you find yourself not wanting to eat because of the way food makes you feel? A health coach can help you enjoy eating again!

Your diet affects your energy levels, mood, and even your brain. A diet plan made for you will make you feel better than you ever have before. And it’s easy to learn more ways to improve your diet!

Your health coach will be able to tell you what the right diet plan is for you. You could be introduced to a low-carb diet, paleo diet, gluten-free diet, etc.

3. Boosts Self Confidence

Working with a wellness coach will improve your health physically and mentally. When you feel better mentally, your confidence levels will naturally boost.

Many people work with Houston’s health coaches to sharpen the skills they use in their everyday life, including decision-making skills. A wellness coach can also help you increase your self-awareness. These things in turn will boost your self-confidence.

Clients also work with wellness coaches because they want to feel better about themselves physically. Do you not like what you see in the mirror? A wellness coach will help you gain a renewed love for your body.

You will feel empowered by taking charge of your health. The healthy choices a wellness coach helps you make will benefit you in the short and long run.

4. Breaks Down Big Goals

Big goals can be hard to achieve, but they are possible. What may seem impossible to do on your own can be done with the help of an integrative health coach.

Your coach will become your partner in a sense. Do you find it hard to stay on track when you want to make lifestyle changes on your own? A wellness coach will be the one to remind you that your goals can be achieved.

A health coach will break down your big goals into small steps that are more specific. These steps will be measurable, attainable, and timely. You will have more of an incentive to follow through on your goals because you have someone to report back to.

The social support a health coach offers will make your big goals seem like they aren’t so big.

5. Individualizes Plans

A wellness health coach can change your life because they are creating a plan that is made just for you. These professionals will individualize plans that can affect all aspects of your life if necessary.

If you are someone who has trouble sleeping, the right plan will be created for you. If you have a chronic condition, your personalized program will reflect that. Even if you are someone who wants to increase your overall health, an individualized plan will change all aspects of your life positively.

Your body knows how to heal itself, it just takes your self-healing ability to do it. A health coach can help you reclaim your health naturally in only 30 days! Click here to learn about more plans!

Work With Personal Health Coaches Now!

Well, what are you waiting for? Personal health coaches can help those with chronic conditions, those who want a better diet, or those who just want a healthier lifestyle overall. Whatever the reason may be, our Houston wellness coaches can change your life for the better.

For more information on a healthier lifestyle and eating habits, contact us today!

About The Dinner Dude: The Dinner Dude Llc. is a family-owned, privately held local business in Houston, TX that was founded in 2008. Mark leads a team of cooks in the kitchen to cleverly combine flavor with healthy eating options that are made fresh daily. Our standardized processes around food preparation allow us to create dishes that are consistently delicious. Mark truly believes that you don’t have to sacrifice taste to enjoy nourishing food and a healthy lifestyle. With Dinner Dude, you’ll be confident that your food not only tastes great, but also is great for you.

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