Power of the Period: Women’s Health Educator Usha Anandi’s Groundbreaking Approach to Women’s Wellness

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Womben Wellness founder, Usha Anandi has devoted her life to revolutionizing how “womben” connect with their bodies, the Earth, and each other. Anandi’s unique approach marries ancient wisdom with the modern-day delivery of social media, creating an innovative blend that resonates with today’s woman.

Womben Wellness founder Usha Anandi invites women worldwide to journey into one of the most profound and often overlooked connections: the link between the female body and nature. Nearly a decade into this groundbreaking work, she highlights that one of the biggest breakthroughs of womb education is understanding the surprising influence of menstruation and hormonal balance on overall health and wellness.

“Many women feel totally disconnected from their menstrual cycles,” Anandi said. “Through Womben Wellness, we’re able to highlight the physiological changes over the menstrual cycle, and women are invited to reimagine the way they approach life completely.”

Breathing, Bleeding, Being

Anandi’s holistic approach to wellness includes an emphasis on remembering that humans are a part of nature. By utilizing food as medicine, Anandi teaches how food can be a potent tool to help support hormonal balance and optimal bodily function for women. Womben Wellness’ mission is to propel its community by connecting hundreds of thousands of women with their bodies and their periods, empowering them to take full responsibility for health, often for the first time. 

“In learning how to listen to your body, you can tap into the power of your menstruation, and align your life with this cyclical rhythm: your most natural state,” Anandi said. 

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Menstrual Cycle 

Womben Wellness offers an abundance of free resources on cyclical balance, menstrual cycle awareness, and womb-based education. For those craving a deeper understanding, additional guides and in-depth training is available. 

Lunar Living eBook

Decode the female cyclical nature and synchronize with it through diet and lifestyle changes, and integration exercises for each of the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle. 

“As a being that’s both human and divine, I believe you deserve a menstrual cycle education that is rooted in both scientific understanding and spiritual truth,” Anandi said. 

—  6-Week Online Womb Sciences Immersion (Virtual Course) 
An immersive journey into the female body for women who are tired of their pain being normalized.

—  Womb Worker Professional Certification
Those inspired to make a career in this field can join the waitlist for a highly anticipated upcoming certification course and turn their passion for womb wellness into a profession.

“Live and Work In Sync with Your Cycle”

For those new to womb work, Anandi’s free eBook illuminates how aligning with menstrual phases can help boost creativity and prevent burnout. Learn how to harness the hormones and energy focus present at each phase, including:

—  The Menstrual Phase (Inner Winter)
—  The Follicular Phase (Inner Spring)
—  The Ovulatory Phase (Inner Summer)
—  The Luteal Phase (Inner Fall)

Decipher the Deeper Wisdom of the Female Body

Visit the Womben Wellness website to learn about womb-based education, Lunar Living, and how healing focused on the whole woman can help support health and overall well-being. Join the vibrant community on Facebook and Instagram, where Anandi regularly shares insights, updates, and new offerings. 

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