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Gauss Fusion wants to provide energy security for future generations by establishing fusion power as a safe and clean source of energy (source: Adobe Stock/Banana Images –

Gauss Fusion wants to provide energy security for future generations by establishing fusion power as a safe and clean source of energy (source: Adobe Stock/Banana Images –

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Gauss Fusion GmbH is a greentech venture founded in 2022 by various European companies from Germany, France, Italy and Spain with extensive experience in fusion technology. In February 2023, Gauss Fusion completed a founders’ pre-seed financing round with €8 million in initial capital, marking a first milestone on the way to a clean and secure energy source to complement renewable energies.

The Gauss Fusion Initiative has set itself the goal of bringing the first European GW-class (electric) fusion power plant (Gauss GIGA fusion power plant) online by 2045. The initiative is characterized by its strong industrial leadership and close cooperation with renowned European research institutes and experienced technology experts, including the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). At present, fusion energy is primarily being developed within the framework of international state-financed large-scale projects. Gauss Fusion now offers support to this process, which has the potential to accelerate the development of clean fusion energy generation “at venture speed” thanks to efficient structures. Gauss Fusion is a proponent of an entrepreneurial path to a considerable acceleration of fusion energy in a close “public-private partnership” (PPP) with national and European institutions.

Developing clean and safe energy sources for a modern “net-zero” society is a key challenge of our time. The entirety of the energy supply cannot be covered by renewable energies alone, not least because of the space requirements and the natural fluctuations in the generation of solar and wind energy. A supplementary energy source is needed that delivers the base load cleanly, safely, reliably and efficiently, and allows the continuous production of green hydrogen.

Under its motto of “Fusion with Integrity”, Gauss Fusion is pursuing the ambitious but realistic goal of providing green energy through magnetic fusion – without raising any false expectations. Dr. Frank Laukien, co-founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Gauss Fusion GmbH, is all too aware of this: “To develop a European magnetic fusion power plant – and not just a pilot or demonstration plant – by 2045 is an ambitious but realistic goal that we can achieve not only thanks to our advanced technology, but also through our public-private partnership approach. We expect synergies to emerge from our industrial organizational structure and the cooperation with excellent scientists and institutes with substantial experience in magnetic fusion and plasma physics.”

The close cooperation between industry and science also has won over Prof. Sibylle Günter, scientific director of the IPP: “We look forward to working with Gauss Fusion to help build a fusion power plant as quickly as possible. We are delighted that industrial companies and investors in Germany and Europe now also want to promote fusion energy. This can greatly speed up our journey to a magnetic fusion power plant.”

Frédérick Bordry, former Director of Accelerators and Technology and Honorary Member of CERN, adds: “Fusion on the Sun has been taking place for more than 4.5 billion years and is essential for life on earth. Reproducing it and controlling it in power plants would give us access to an important and sustainable source of decarbonized energy. Decisive progress has recently been made in the field of fusion energy, and I am confident that Gauss Fusion will significantly accelerate integration of the technologies needed to build a grid-connected power plant. It will be the result of an alliance of leading industries, scientists and institutes. Such a power plant could be operational as early as 2045 and I am proud and honored to chair the Gauss Fusion Strategic and Scientific Advisory Board.”

Fusion energy is gaining relevance in political discourse in the EU

Ever since scientists in the US made an historic breakthrough in fusion in mid-December last year, when more energy was produced than consumed for the first time ever by fusing hydrogen isotopes, fusion has become the focus of political attention as a clean and safe source of energy. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is also leading the way in this regard and wants to increase its involvement in fusion research.

At the same time, Gauss Fusion will work together with renowned magnetic-fusion scientists and engineers in an initial exploratory and research phase on the necessary industrialization, maintenance and safety concepts, in order to then start with the design and development of the commercial prototype of a GW-class (electric) fusion power plant in phase 2.

Frank Laukien: “I’m pleased that many political decision-makers in Germany, in other European countries, and the EU have recognized the opportunities offered by fusion energy, as we can see from the recent joint statement by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, made on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaty. In addition, we expect leading partners from the energy industry to join the Gauss Fusion initiative in the near future.”

About Gauss Fusion:

Gauss Fusion GmbH was founded in 2022 with locations in Germany and is planning to expand to other European countries over time, with the aim of dramatically accelerating the most advanced developments in high-field magnetic fusion, and subsequently the first fusion power plants on the grid. Founding companies and strategic partners from the fusion technology industry are Alcen (France), ASG Superconductors (Italy), Bruker EAS (Germany), IDOM (Spain), and RI Research Instruments (Germany). Co-founder and Executive Chairman is the German-American dual citizen Dr. Frank Laukien, President and CEO of the international Bruker Corporation. In addition to the Advisory Board, which is made up of founders’ representatives, a Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB) made up of renowned European scientists and fusion experts will support the development of fusion technology and the Gauss fusion power plant.

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