Bullish Bears Stock Market Community Helping Empower Women

For decades the stock market has been dominated by male traders, but companies like Bullish Bears are working to empower women and break up the “boys club.” They’re doing this by employing more female traders and establishing support networks for women to act as mentors and share experiences. Bullish Bears has a reputation of going the extra mile and “paying it forward.” They offer a free online trading course and affordable membership to a supportive community, providing clients with daily stock watch lists and advanced lessons on mastering the market. Bullish Bears is offering a 14-day free trial for their services. Learn more at bullishbears.com


MANSFIELD CENTER, CT — June 9, 2020 — Bullish Bears, an international trading company, is looking to break up the stock market “boys club” by empowering women to enter the industry.

Many women hear they’re too emotional or soft to be successful at trading, which at the moment is an industry dominated by men. Bullish Bears started hiring more women into their ranks and founded a women’s group on social media to discuss trading from the female perspective.

“Women are under-represented in trading and they may need to develop strong professional relationships with other women,” said Dan Adams, co-founder of Bullish Bears. “Through our networks, they’re acting as mentors and sponsors for one another. This is how real change begins.”

Some women possess qualities — whether inherent or socialized — that make them assets in the trading world: taking less uncalculated risks than men and being very cautious when making decisions. A recent blog post from Bullish Bears discusses these points in more detail and shows how these qualities have been demonstrated in behavioral research.

Bullish Bears has a passion for the stock market trading community, where it has a reputation for going the extra mile and “paying it forward.” They offer free courses for beginners to learn stock trading and advanced options for those more experienced on the market.

Course topics cover stock basics, day trading, penny stocks, options trading, swing trading, futures, and how to trade candlestick patterns. Their course page also has a wealth of resources for beginners including links to watch lists and social media groups.

Their free penny stocks list is updated online daily by 9 p.m., featuring low to high float stocks worth up to $15. Followers of the page can set up trade alerts to keep track of any stocks about to breakout.

Are you interested in learning more about the stock market and how to trade? Bullish Bears offers a 14-day free trial for new clients. Visit bullishbears.com to get started with a free online trading course, an informative blog, and free access to watch lists. You can also follow Bullish Bears on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Founded in 2016, Bullish Bears revolutionized trading as a pay it forward stock market community. Bullish Bears was created with the vision of becoming the most trusted trading community in the world and will continue to lead the trading industry in empowering all people, regardless of age, gender, or experience.

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