Living Blueprint – A True Story By Wendy Beth becomes a #1 International Best Selling book Within Hours of Launch

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Living Blueprint - A True Story By Wendy Beth becomes a #1 International Best Selling book Within Hours of Launch
My mission is to empower you to embrace your inner strength.
Wendy Beth becomes an international bestselling author as her book achieves international best-selling status within hours of launch.

Wendy Beth's Living Blueprint - A True Story became a bestseller within seven hours of its launch and has achieved #1 International Best-Selling Status within 15 hours of launch. The book has also reached Best-Selling Status in the US and Canada for 31 Best-Selling Categories, including 7 ranking #1.

“A Living Blueprint empowers individuals to navigate life's complexities with purpose, resilience, and authentic joy,” says the author about her recently released book. “Readers can benefit from the five principles mentioned in the book for creating an authentic, joy-filled life. It offers a unique approach to self-discovery and a practical roadmap for unlocking one's potential, allowing traction toward one's deepest desires.” 

This book has two true stories – the readers' and Wendy Beth’s. They are interwoven together as they proceed on a 40-activity, step-by-step journey aimed at helping them discover and design their own Living Blueprint.

According to the author, she moved through anxiety, sexual trauma, addiction, self-hate, suicidal ideation, loss, and grief as she actualized her own Living Blueprint over thirty-plus years.

The readers will embark on a transparent and vulnerable journey together with Wendy Beth in the privacy of their own lives. Living Blueprint illuminates the pathway to believing in, desiring for, and then choosing love, even amid heartbreak, towards shaping a compassionate, authentic, joy-filled life.

Wendy offers three valuable tips for her readers.

  • To step forward powerfully in life, start by being still. Embrace stillness with oneself—and allow introspection and clarity to guide every action.
  • Plan the day, week, and month thoughtfully, setting intentions and priorities for increased productivity and enjoyment.
  • Most importantly, desire and choose love in every interaction, decision, and thought, fostering a positive mindset that transcends challenges and attracts abundance.  

Wendy believes that the intricate processes of everyday life and fundamental truths underlie every experience. She loves looking for those truths and being open and curious about everything and everyone.

She offers her readers one piece of advice: “Open your heart, even when it’s breaking. Let love in, especially in the face of heartbreak and desire, and then choose love unwaveringly.

Be gentle, kind, and compassionate. Forge a sanctuary of empathy and understanding for yourself and others.”

Through Living Blueprint, her foremost desire is to offer the reader a lifeline that empowers them to navigate the complexities of life with truth, choice, resilience, authenticity, and joy.

She says that the hardest thing she has dealt with is surviving loneliness from a lack of healthy family connections.

“Opening my heart to Jesus and learning to trust Him as my source of inspiration has been one of my greatest successes,” Wendy added.

About Wendy Beth

Wendy Beth is a transformative force whose nurturing spirit and unwavering dedication to personal and collective growth have shaped her journey of awakening, resilience, and profound connection, inspiring those around her to reach greater heights of love, creativity, and authenticity. Her greatest joy is guiding others toward truth so they can actualize their potential and create their own happily ever after. As a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend, she loves creating a loving, safe home for her loved ones. It has been and continues to be her greatest joy and a gift to her family.

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