7 Types of Carpet Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaning is a common process used to clean carpets. These are some of the most effective cleaning processes that allow you to get rid of stains, germs, and any other pathogen stuck in the carpet fibres. While there is only one way to steam clean a carpet, the options for the machine are not so limited. There are 7 different types of carpet steam cleaners, and they are listed down below.

  1. Steam mop

If you need efficient floor cleaning, there is nothing better than a steam mop. What sets it apart from regular mops is that the mop pad absorbs all the dirt and mud, while the steam kills any hidden germs and pathogens. Therefore, the mop gives you a sanitized way of cleaning floors. However, before you use the steam mop, make sure to vacuum the floor for any large debris and rub in vinyl on the surface.

  1. Vapor steam cleaner

Vapour steam cleaners are also known as steam vapour systems. These use heat to clean the floors instead of water, offering dry cleaning. The dry nature of cleaning means that you or your client don’t have to wait around for the floors or carpets to dry. Moreover, you don’t need to use any abrasive chemicals during the process.

  1. Handheld steam cleaner

If you have smaller rugs or need to clean a small portion of a larger carpet, the handheld steam cleaner is a great option. These are clean tough stains without many issues. They are portable and easy to carry around, increasing your speed of cleaning, as they only need some tap water to run. However, when it comes to larger spaces, handheld steamers are not as effective as larger cleaners.

  1. Steam vacuum cleaner

This one is a simple vacuum cleaner that produces steam to clean the carpets and upholstery and kill all the germs. These work on water, so you will need to fill the tank with water and then plug it into an outlet to use. Once plugged in, you can start rubbing the nozzle against the surface to be cleaned. Aside from water, you can also mix in shampoos or detergents for a fragrant cleanse.

  1. Cylinder steam cleaner

Cylinder steam cleaners are bulkier and bigger than handheld cleaners and steam mops due to their cylindrical shape. The presence of a large tank that can store heaps of water is the reason behind its enormous size. Due to the larger storage, you can easily clean the entire house’s carpeted floors in one go and more effectively.

  1. Commercial steam cleaner

Commercial steam cleaners are probably what you already have. These are a staple for all professionals as they clean carpets without any chemicals and using only vapour steam. Such cleaners also come with a wide range of attachments that can work against any kind of surface and kill germs. When getting these, it is always recommended to go for a larger boiler size for faster cleaning.

  1. Multi-purpose steam cleaner

Multi-purpose steam cleaners are the new favourite for homeowners, but even professionals can use these. As their name suggests, the machine can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces in a house, office, etc., with faster heat timings, efficiency, and a great steam range.


Carpet steam cleaners are of different types. Each of these types has their own advantages. To give your clients the best service, you need to know these different types and choose the right one for the job. Doing so allows you to satisfy your clients and grow your business manifold with no hiccups.

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