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QLT: Kirin ecology wins the future

Introduction: Due to historical reasons, the Wa State of Myanmar has always been in a relatively autonomous region, and the Bao Group originated in Yunnan, China, so most people in this region use RMB as payment; since June 2005, the “Declaration on Drug Control” was signed Since then, Myanmar has severely cracked down on the drug business. The Bowers Group has also begun to fully deploy the entertainment industry; in recent years, since mainland China has entered Myanmar to engage in telecommunications fraud and other gray industries, the number of people engaged in telecommunications fraud and other gray industries has increased, and the government has been cracking down more and more severely. Strict risk control. As a result, Baos Group’s entertainment industry has been greatly affected. In order to circumvent government control, Baos Group has jointly launched its own payment system with Southeast Asia Entertainment Fund and Myanmar Wa Entertainment Fund. Therefore, QLT came into being.

(1) What is QLT?

QLT, as the payment token of the Baos Group, Southeast Asia Entertainment Fund and Myanmar Wa Entertainment Fund (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Group), is mainly used in consumer payments within the group, and the market value of QLT is created through high-speed circulation and high consensus.

(2) Why choose QLT

Kirin Ecology was jointly initiated by Baos Group, the Southeast Asia Entertainment Fund and the Myanmar Wa Entertainment Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Group). The entire ecological layout is divided into four major sections:

1. Kirin Online: The group injects 300 million RMB into the platform to attract fans by doing tasks, and at the same time obtain QLT, which lays a solid foundation for the QLT consensus of the Kirin ecological chain, thereby accelerating QLT’s development in the group’s casinos, KTV and other industries Circulation.

2. Kylin Entertainment: Through the application and circulation of QLT in the major industries of the group, it will bring benefits to fans and stabilize the loyal fans of QLT.

3. Kirin Mall: To create a nationwide Internet celebrity, a nationwide mutual fan, and a nationwide delivery of goods. All members are both merchants and consumers. The mall will collect a portion of the commission to accelerate the circulation and application of QLT and ensure its market scarcity and value-added power ;

4. Kylin International: build its own exchange and launch QLT, which will allow QLT to be more widely used and perfectly shape the group’s influence.

    Since the launch of Kirin Ecosystem on November 11, 2020, it has undergone repeated debugging and gradually improved system bugs. It will be officially launched on November 26, 2020.

    Kirin Eco’s strict control mechanism and group entity underpinning, after the official launch on the 26th, the price of QLT will rise steadily. After the application of Kirin Eco-Chain QLT to all its industries, the future value of QLT is immeasurable.

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