SayeNvest Group laid open its vision to aid businesses seeking financial advice and family office assistance across the globe

SayeNvest has unveiled its Strategic Advisory, Financial Advisory, Real Estate advisory, Family office advisory & Capital raising advisory services, and withholding objectives underneath to aid clients with the best growth initiatives.

The firm doesn't believe in talking; instead, it lets its actions speak.

SayeNvest, with its finest team of financing executives, is always striving to fetch results.

What sets them apart from the rest is their hunger to achieve more.

The company constantly pushes boundaries with an oath to become the leading global advisory network by helping clients' businesses with pragmatic guidance for sourcing and placing their capital.

The group provides consulting services across sectors, i.e., Automotive & Wealth Management, Energy including Renewables, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Enabled Services, Infrastructure, Private Equity, and Wealth Management, Oil and Gas including specialty Chemicals, Real Estate, Telecom, Media, and Entertainment, with its global team operating at 12 locations across the globe.

They possess a constant fire in their belly to create a chain of happy clients. That is why the SayeNvest team endeavors across distinct timelines relentlessly.

Their field of proficiency comprises analyzing their client's business needs to transform and broaden the window of possibilities. Other than that, SayeNvest's specialism is in financial assistance, family office advisory, capital raising advisory & fronts. The fundamental idea is to offer implementable financial advice and market tactics to devise fruitful business solutions.

They have to offer innovative financial advisory services, which is an integral part of any business. Other than that, SayeNvest gives comprehensive insights and professional inputs upon financial prudence, governance, and involved risk. Their advisory mechanism practices confidentiality and transparency, especially when family offices are concerned. In addition, they guide upon Capital Raising Advisory on fund and capital raising, whether through equity or debt. Their network includes leading pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds, and institutional investors worldwide.

And over M&A advisory consulting on corporate mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures in various sectors like energy, telecommunications, infrastructure projects, resources, and tech. Furthermore, on Real Estate advisory to facilitate how to increase the value of current real estate portfolio and facilitate the procurement of prospective real estate assets.

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"SayeNvest Group" is a British conglomerate headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The group was founded and led by Rakeshh Gupta, chairman, and chief executive officer, along with Sandhya Gupta as co-founder and co-chair. The CEO of SayeNvest, Rakeshh Gupta, has assisted many of the most significant investment groups in the world. His advice has been sought by HNW family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and privately-held multinational corporations seeking to identify scalable businesses in a range of industries across the world. He is respected globally as a seasoned investment guru for identifying opportunities that meet particular investors’ criteria, validating growth plans, and utilizing capital proceeds to achieve scale. The group owns SayeNvest Caps Advisory, SayeNvest Real Estate Advisory, SayeOne Media Corporation, and SayeTech Technologies."

SayeNvest operates at 12 locations across the globe and is born out of the efforts of  Rakeshh Gupta, chairman, and chief executive officer, along with Sandhya Gupta as co-founder and co-chair. With both being top-notch investment gurus themselves.

Also, SayeNvest took on board a team of professionals with more than 25+ years of experience in advisory services in 2020.

They operate globally and virtually, connecting promising and verified opportunities for strategic capital through their exclusive access to strategic capital, global connections, and experience facilitating high-quality deal flow. SayeNvest is well-positioned to advise on finance, business, structure, marketing, branding, and communications, including media, human resources, operations, environment, and impact. SayeNvest utilizes its well-coordinated network of advanced relationships with the world’s most reputable financial, accounting, and legal institutions to effectively and quickly access high-level outsourced advice that verifies and advances our internal views. This allows for efficient and expert structuring, drawing on expertise and intelligence in all corners of the world. The firm uses time zones to its client's advantage within a flexible and accountable business environment. SayeNvest's general approach is to evaluate the substantial prior interest of qualified counterparties before engaging formally on transactions.

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Company Name: SayeNvest Caps Advisory Limited
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Phone: +44 33 3339 3301
Address:128 City Road
City: London, EC1V 2NX
Country: United Kingdom

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