Award-winning Author Mike Mackay Explores the High-stakes World of Computer Forensics in His Latest Thriller, “Scam at Mount Diablo”

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Award-winning Author Mike Mackay Explores the High-stakes World of Computer Forensics in His Latest Thriller, "Scam at Mount Diablo"
Author Mike Mackay releases his third installment in the award-winning Scam series, "Scam at Mount Diablo". The story revolves around a computer forensic expert navigating a dangerous world of illicit trading, notorious crime families, and international mercenaries. The book has received the prestigious Literary Titan Book Award and is now available worldwide.

From international award-winning author Mike Mackay, renowned for his engrossing narratives and riveting suspense, comes the third installment of the critically-acclaimed Scam series, "Scam at Mount Diablo." This gripping page-turner, already a recipient of the esteemed Literary Titan Book Award, takes readers deep into the heart of San Francisco's underworld.

“Scam at Mount Diablo” introduces us once again to Jack Rhodes, a computer forensic expert with a penchant for finding himself in precarious situations. This time, Jack embarks on a seemingly routine investigation into warehouse management software, only to be met with a web of crime, intrigue, and life-threatening danger.

Unsuspecting victims, notorious crime families, former Mossad directors, and illicit trading platforms set the stage for a thrilling showdown at the Mt. Diablo ranch. With a serial killer on the loose and Jack's on-again-off-again love interest fitting the victim profile, the stakes have never been higher.

“If you like crime, murder, and upheaval, then 'Scam at Old River' is a book you must read…” – Readers’ Favorite

As a testament to the book’s caliber, “Scam at Mount Diablo” was recently honored with the Literary Titan Book Award. This marks the third time Mike's work has received recognition in the Scam series, reaffirming his position as a force to be reckoned with in the thriller genre.

“With no lack of action sequences, ‘Scam at Mount Diablo’ is a sure-fire win for readers who want their socks knocked off from the first chapter.” – Literary Titan

In a world where trust is scarce, and data integrity is paramount, readers will be on the edge of their seats, wondering who will become the next victim in the tantalizing world Mike has crafted.

"Scam at Mount Diablo" is now available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and MMH Press. You can connect with Mike on Facebook @Mike.Mackay.Author and TikTok @mikemackay71.

About the Book

In the high-stakes world of digital forensics, trouble isn't an option - it's an occupational hazard. Jack Rhodes, master of computer investigations, never solicits danger but it seems to track him down like a predator stalking its prey. His newest assignment? A seemingly mundane audit of warehouse management software that rapidly spirals into an abyss of treachery and deceit.

Thrust into the dark underbelly of San Francisco's notorious crime syndicates, tangled with an ex-Mossad director and embroiled in the lethal world of illegal trading, Jack's world is swiftly engulfed in shadows. In a heart-stopping midnight assault by merciless mercenaries at his uncle's secluded Mt. Diablo ranch, Jack is forced to confront the harsh realities of his perilous profession.

Jack, often overlooked yet rarely outdone, must rely on his formidable combat prowess, exceptional data-crunching capabilities, and razor-sharp intellect to shield the blameless. But when every byte of data could be a lethal lie, and every face could hide a foe, who can he really trust?

About the Scam Series

This thrilling trilogy takes you from San Francisco's sinister underbelly in "Scam at Old River" to the dangerous secrets of a Michigan factory in "Scam at Five Mile Road", culminating in a deadly showdown at Mount Diablo in "Scam at Mount Diablo".

In each chilling adventure, Rhodes, a computer forensic expert with a knack for attracting danger, battles against corruption, betrayal, and violence. With his martial arts skills, computer expertise, and cunning intellect, he navigates a labyrinth of deceit while grappling with his own demons.

Every book in the series escalates the risk, unearths darker secrets, and asks: who can Jack really trust, and who's next on the hit list? The "Scam Series" is a pulse-pounding journey that will keep thriller aficionados gripped from start to finish.

About the Author

Mike, enriched by his Scottish/Irish heritage, is a dynamic author and IT contractor whose stories, ranging from novels to poems, have gained public recognition through a prominent publisher. His diverse career includes running various enterprises, navigating the criminal underworld, and championing numerous outdoor pursuits, from fishing to karate. A world traveler, he has made an impact across continents and sectors with his resilience and adaptability. Now back in his native Australia, he continues to weave tales inspired by his extraordinary life.

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