Micro One Provides a Complete Waste Incineration Solution

The company is recognized for various technologies that are responsible for the successful execution of many national projects.

Just like the name of the company, which means “not even a single fine dust can be missed,” Micro One Co., Ltd. Has established itself as a comprehensive environmental company covering atmospheric, environment, and waste treatment, with various products such as industrial filter bags, downstream facilities, dust collection facilities, low-temperature SCR, and industrial waste incinerator EPC.

Waste incineration is a facility that collects and directly incinerates industrial waste discharged from intermediate waste treatment facilities such as factories and business sites. In the case of industrial waste, the waste itself has a high calorific value and generates gas, making it difficult to design the waste incineration process. However, Micro One is designing their facilities without error through 3D modeling based on long-accumulated experience and technology and CFD flow analysis work.

Most of the nitrogen oxides emitted from the SCR facility are converted into N2 and H2O by reacting with the reactants while passing through a catalyst at an operating temperature in the range of 200~400℃ in the form of NO. In the temperature range, the reactant hardly reacts with O₂ and selectively reacts with NO, so it is called ‘selective catalytic reduction’. Ammonia is used as a reactive agent. Recently, a low-temperature catalyst is being used to develop and apply SCR technology used at the back end of a bag filter in a waste incineration facility. The operating temperature range is 170~200℃.

The dust filter is an air pollution prevention facility that removes dust, heavy metals, and dioxins included in various particulate matter that causes air pollution or gases discharged from industrial sites. Micro One's filter dust collector is designed by applying various filter bags and dedusting technology to various particulate matter according to the conditions of the exhaust gas, and it is possible to operate continuously stably with high dust collection efficiency. Based on their experience of supplying filter bags to more than 600 domestic and foreign companies over the past 10 years, the company provides the optimal filter bag from design to maintenance and repair.

Retrofit E.P dust collection technology is a technology that can improve the dust collection performance of existing electric precipitators by up to 90% as well as minimize cost and space by installing it at the rear end of the last field of electrostatic precipitators that are currently installed and operated in mid- to large-sized workplaces such as thermal power plants and steel mills.

The dust collector for collecting scattering bungees in biomass solid fuel storage is a technology that collects more than 95% of floating dust in biomass fuel storage using drift and is registered as a 'development selection product' by East-West Power, Midland Power, Western Power, and East-West Power.

Electrostatic Precipitator + Bag Filter As a dust collector, it is also called E.BF. The E.BF technology is a low-cost, high-efficiency hybrid fine dust collection facility that adopts only the advantages of electric precipitators and filter precipitators. It can effectively remove fine dust. As a result, it is expected to play a major role as a technical solution to the domestic fine dust problem.

For more information about Micro One, visit http://micro-one.kr/?page_id=596&lang=en

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