Peptide synthesis made easy: Advanced chemtech delivers peptides in your choice of configurations

Advanced ChemTech takes pride in building customized amino acid chains, precisely sequenced and structured to your unique requirements.

(PRUnderground) January 25th, 2024

Advanced ChemTech proudly develops short chains of amino acids in specific sequences and structures per customer requirements. This opportunity is essential for medicinal and biotechnology research.

Our processes begin with the peptide sequence design. Once the exact sequence of amino acids is determined, the peptide’s properties and functions are revealed. n solid-phase synthesis, the first amino acid is attached to the solid support. Then, chemists sequentially add one amino acid at a time. This step-by-step process is controlled to ensure accuracy in the sequence.

In liquid-phase development, the peptide chain gets assembled in a solution. In return, our clients create results with specific results, including methylation, phosphorylation, or fluorescent tagging.


Choosing a reliable peptide synthesis company is crucial for those needing high-quality outcomes for research, therapeutic, or diagnostic purposes. Advanced ChemTech offers a solid track record and expertise in these areas, understanding the complexities of each custom order.

Our team focuses on robust quality control and QA measures when working with amino acids. We offer detailed information upon request, including purity levels, peptide content, and specific methodologies like mass spectrometry or HPLC for analysis.

When two or more amino acids join, they form a peptide. They are smaller than proteins, and most chains contain fewer than 50 segments. Once completed, they play essential roles in various biological processes. That is why they are essential to modern research and product development practices.

Clients can trust our synthesis capabilities, turnaround times, and pricing by examining our track record with previous orders. This authenticity ensures anyone can buy peptides online with confidence.

Once an order is placed, we provide post-delivery support. That includes issues or complaints with the peptides, timing concerns, and other situations that can sometimes develop. We can scope up production if needed, flex to custom order sizes, and handle unique requests.


Custom peptide synthesis is the laboratory process of creating specific outcomes by chemically bonding amino acids in requested sequences. Advanced ChemTech provides a state-of-the-art synthesizer for peptide synthesis. Called TETRAS, this opportunity allows researchers to focus on applications in drug stability, scientific research, and industrial applications.

We offer a diverse product range for consideration beyond modified and uncommon peptides, including resins and reagents. This versatility ensures clients can find what they need online while also working with a local provider.

With the automation our team provides within the manufacturing process, the protection and deprotection steps are simplified. In return, costs are highly competitive while pursuing specific outcomes at the user level.

About Advanced ChemTech

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced ChemTech provides various fine chemicals to the research and pharmaceutical market. These chemicals vary massively, including amino acids, peptides, resins, reagents, and more. We are Leaders in instrumentation, and provide TETRAS™, a state-of-the-art synthesizer for peptide synthesis.

Advanced ChemTech has all the chemicals you need, whether for pharmaceutical research or the market, or perhaps a school science project, required re-stock for a commercial entity, or other requirements. Whatever you need, the Chemtech team is here to help you; you can even read their newly released blog for free information and advice. To find out more information about the team and their processes, you can also reach out via

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