Innovation in Addiction Treatment

Industry is ill equipped to handle influx

DENVER, CO, May 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Today, people who have been charged or convicted of a DUI and in need of counseling have a bold, new option for court mandated treatment. An unfortunate result of the pandemic has been the dramatic increase in personal and social problems associated with substance use. For instance, in Colorado the number of driving fatalities involving substance use has doubled since the onset of COVID. In sum, the demand for Alcohol, Drug, and DUI related counseling is at a historical level and continues to trend upward.

For people charged or convicted of a DUI they enter a system of mandated treatment that centers on a "one size fits all" approach to client engagement. While many Treatment providers have the best intentions, this sort of generalized treatment approach is impersonal, disingenuous, and punitive in nature. Most significantly, this approach is ineffective as demonstrated by on-track completion rates and pervasive recidivism. Qualitative feedback from clients indicates that this process is perceived as financially motivated, provides little motivation to recognize personal and social consequences, and views introspection or personal growth as secondary to shame and embarrassment.

Until now. Today Misfit Addiction Counseling (MAC) and owner Josh Mason are launching MAC DUI Program and Platform with a radical new approach—Client Centered Counseling focused on cultivating a "Treatment Experience". This approach is designed to engage clients with the goal of giving them the best possible experience from the initial intake, through to counseling, and even providing an Aftercare community. Foundational to this approach is the recognition of clients as more than a their case number or history and instead as individuals with varying experiences and contexts.

Research demonstrates that a treatment geography of engagement and motivation is generally the determining factor in client success. MAC achieves this in two ways: The first is the approach to the counseling itself and the second is through leveraging technology to remove friction from a very frustrating and opaque process.

Josh has 10 years of experience and success in treating addiction with a Positive Behavioral/Empathy based style of connecting with clients. State mandated curriculum and evidence based practices form the basis but the delivery incorporates specific methods for engaging the clients . A great degree of emphasis is on what brought a person to this moment and what functioned as the underlying motivation.

At MAC, Josh has also reimagined the entire process leveraging technology to keep engagement levels high and the process transparent to all parties. Josh is a technology aficionado and has seen how the process itself impedes a clients' willingness to engage or stay engaged. To that end, Josh has designed the client's experience from the first interaction to the intake to the development of the therapeutic relationship through to discharge by leveraging the best of breed technology used in e-commerce and academia—high touch engagement models that include concepts like gamification, online discussion forums, access to content; and reporting.

Leveraging technology as an advocate means that the personalization of the experience for the client takes a mysterious process and makes it knowable, providing clarity and trust in treatment, and facilitating a dynamic, immediate, customized experience.

MAC is first launching to the largest and often the most difficult cohort: men aged 24-44 who's typology is high resistance to traditional treatment approaches. MAC's methods and platform is designed to be customized to other cohorts and their counseling needs which will be rolled out in the future. MAC is perfectly situated to provide a respite from the societal effects of addiction with the goal of client success and engagement.

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Misfit Addiction Counseling: Innovative, engaging, and focused on success. We've created an approach to treatment that is client-centered and creates a high degree of motivation. MAC is an Unrivaled Treatment Experience.

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