Tamara Lim, the Founder of Prepworks, Aims to Equip Teenagers with the Necessary Skills Required to Thrive in the Post-School Environment

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2022 / Getting into world-renowned universities, including the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge, is a dream for many students across the globe. The undeniable reputation and value of their degrees make admission into these institutions highly competitive and demanding. Thousands of students from all over the world try hard to meet the admission requirements every year. However, despite being high achievers in academics, most of them fail miserably in their attempts. The lack of specific skills including creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration often makes the admission process all the more difficult for the aspirants. Many parents and students have realised that without filling the skills gap that exists across the student community, the Oxbridge dream would continue to remain distant for many. Tamara Lim, the founder and CEO of PrepWorks, seeks to bridge that gap and intends to assist students across the globe in fulfilling their goal of getting into these prestigious institutions.

Tamara Lim has always been passionate about giving back to society and utilising her academic excellence for the betterment of the current education system. She is of the opinion that we currently have nineteenth-century classrooms and twentieth-century teaching methods. An Oxford alumnus, Tamara realised the necessity of proper support and resources for students (and parents) in achieving their dreams by successfully earning a place at top Universities in the UK and the US. Her commitment to serving the student community, by equipping them with the necessary skills required to thrive in the post-school environment and achieve their higher education goals, led to the foundation of her platform. She founded PrepWorks in 2015 and over the years successfully transformed it into a reputable firm with a team of 100+ tutors and admin staff.

PrepWorks initially launched its service by providing guidance on personal statement writing, entrance exams and admissions interviews etc. Since then, PrepWorks' mission has widened to include more than just top universities and boarding school admissions. The platform believes that students, in order to excel, need to focus equally on character and skills development rather than just concentrating on academic development. Therefore, the platform has established a unique method called the PrepWorks Method. The PrepWorks Method is an approach that ensures parents and students have a clear idea of what a student should work on. The three pillars of this approach are Academic Development, Character Development and Skills Development. According to the platform, these three pillars will help every student to increase their chances of getting into top institutions worldwide.

The Academic Development Pillar in their method encompasses a number of academic aspects, from language skills to standardised examinations. Experts in the platform share the view that "even if schools tend to focus heavily on this aspect, some students still have difficulties catching up due to large class sizes, different learning styles and lack of interactivity. Academic development is the most easily quantified, as parents, schools and students rely on grades as a metric. However, being purely focused on academic development can be detrimental, as students will end up falling behind in their character and skills development".

PrepWorks has identified the lack of specific skills among students. These include creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Commenting on the importance of Skill development, Tamara Lim, founder and CEO of PrepWorks says that "students need to show that they can communicate clearly and effectively in order to stand out. These skills are among many others that help bolster how a student presents themselves to top universities. These are not only valuable to those entering top universities but will also serve to boost their potential to succeed". In order to equip the students with these required skills, PrepWorks ensures the service of expert tutors, most of whom graduated from top universities like Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy Leagues.

Commenting on the importance of character development, Tamara says that "character is important not only in Ivy League admissions but also as a driving force that keeps students on track when the going gets tough. 1 out of 3 of our students were able to gain admission to Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy League institutions. This is noteworthy as only 3.19% of all applicants to Harvard have been admitted for the class of 2026. Students cannot push themselves just because they are told to; they need to be innately motivated by their own interest and passion in order to maintain peak performance, and this is where their character comes in".

Tamara Lim and her platform, PrepWorks, continue to serve the students and parents passionately. They are committed to guiding them especially when it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to achieve the future they want for their children. They seek to help the next generation establish a strong foundation, where each and every child can thrive, despite the constant shift in the world. Amidst the information overload that causes difficulties for students in concentrating on their specific goals, PrepWorks helps them streamline and stay focused.

"Our mission is to provide clarity and make it simple for success to be attainable through the breadth of experiences and passion of our Oxbridge and Ivy League tutors. Along with the development of education technology we can prepare the next generation, one unique child at a time, to find their element so that they will not just survive but thrive in school, university, work, society and beyond. Our curriculum has been designed to have a lot of interactive discussions very similar to tutorials at Oxford and Cambridge. The aim is to expose the students to the best university style of learning by creating such an environment throughout their learning process", Tamara Lim concluded.

About PrepWorks

PrepWorks is an education company founded in 2015 by Oxford University and Ivy League graduates, who together guide, prepare and nurture students into successfully applying to top boarding schools and universities in the world. The platform works with well-educated professional tutors who have helped hundreds of successful students gain entry into top institutions.

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