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Award-Winning Company, THA House Cleaning, Is Providing The Best Cleaning Services In The Seattle Area

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With more than a decade of experience, top-rated and award-winning THA House Cleaning is the clear choice for cleaning services in the Seattle area. From move-in and move-out services to office cleaning, there’s no job these professionals and experienced cleaners can’t take on with stunning results.

Cleaning services require a professional and experienced company with only the best maids. When having a cleaning service done, one is welcoming someone new into their home and trusting them to provide the best results.

That professional and experienced company is no other than THA House Cleaning for anyone living in the Seattle area. House cleaning in Seattle and the surrounding area has had the unmatched services of THA House Cleaning for more than a decade, and they aren’t slowing down. Angie’s list awards and glowing customer reviews speak for themselves for this all-star cleaning service.

The THA House Cleaning difference

THA House Cleaning is a small business making a big impact. Founded in 2008, they are woman-owned and operated. Open seven days a week, everything for them is about convenience for their customers, and nothing less than a delighted customer is enough. The maid service brings all equipment and supplies, so all their customer needs to do is schedule the visit. 

They guarantee satisfaction for any job, whether in a home or a business. THA House Cleaning works for their customers; therefore, they will customize any cleaning plan and want to hear personal preferences so that they can go above and beyond with every cleaning. 

Deep cleaning is their specialty, and all their customers know THA House Cleaning will leave them with a spotless home. 

One visit to the THA House Cleaning website shows customer satisfaction categories with current, completely up-to-date logistics. This transparency doesn’t disappoint. It shows almost perfect records for last-minute scheduling, rapid phone call answering, rapid email response, satisfied customers, and on-time cleaners. 

THA House Cleaning is committed to unrivaled service, and their staff is no different. All staff members are highly professional, professionally trained, have their background and references checked before hire, and most importantly, are reliable and trustworthy. 

What THA House Cleaning customers can expect from this award-winning company

West Seattle house cleaning has met the top expert with THA House Cleaning. The relationship begins with an in-person, free consultation or an online quote, whichever the customer prefers. From the first interaction, customers can expect the finest service and treatment. Following this, they’ll receive pricing for their specific requests and options for regular service or green cleaning supplies.

Scheduling is a breeze with THA House Cleaning’s exceptionally convenient hours. Any day of the week, one can find them from 8 am to 6 pm. They’re ready to fit anyone’s lifestyle and schedule with a one-time cleaning or a regular schedule every week or even once a month. 

They don’t just work in Seattle, either. If one needs a house cleaning service in Bellevue, WA, THA House Cleaning has them covered. They cover Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton, and Mercer Island. 

All employees and THA House Cleaning are completely licensed and insured to complete these jobs. There is nothing their customers need to worry about. THA House Cleaning’s staff are even vaccinated for Covid-19 and wear masks to ensure the utmost comfort. 

A stellar track record that is recognized by the industry and customers

Although THA House Cleaning’s results certainly speak for themselves, customers and industry experts are making sure to let everyone know just how incredible this small business truly is. In 2019, well-known industry expert Angie’s List awarded THA House Cleaning with their Super Service Award. 

This prestigious and highly-coveted honor is a stamp of approval and excellence for THA House Cleaning. As if this award wasn’t enough, customers cannot stop raving about the quality of service and the amazing cleaning they got when they hired THA House Cleaning. 

“We have an outstanding experience with THA cleaning our house for the last five years... I’d give my highest recommendation!”  Scott A., the long-term THA House Cleaning customer, says. 

Another customer, Jacquelyn F., says, “To say I am floored by the quality of the work done by THA is an understatement.”

THA House Cleaning has maintained an incredibly high five-star review average on Yelp as their customers speak to this stellar company. 

Amy S. told her story on Yelp and of her gratitude to THA House Cleaning. “The circumstances that led to my requesting help from THA were so stressful. THA was the only business to answer my call. Their services were exceptional, easy to arrange on short notice, and stress-free, and their employees are beyond wonderful. They went above and beyond what I asked. I feel it’s been such a blessing and worthy investment, and I will definitely recommend them to others and use them again.”


Anyone in the Greater Seattle area doesn’t need to look any further than THA House Cleaning for their home or business needs. This company is award-winning and committed to each and every customer. If the customer isn’t completely satisfied, neither is THA House Cleaning. 

They are highly responsive to all inquiries, with phones being answered within two rings almost 100% of the time and emails being responded to within ten minutes! When contacted on popular sites like Yelp, the owner quickly responded and offered any services she could. 

THA House Cleaning is a service that works around their customers’ lifestyles and schedules, not the other way around. From deep cleaning to green products, THA House Cleaning customizes each experience and tailors it to one’s individual needs. 

With 12 years in the industry, there’s no request they haven’t heard before. THA House Cleaning is there for its customers every step of the way and wants to ensure everyone has the clean house they deserve. 

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