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Unlock the Secret to Work-Life Balance with Matthew Hess’s Award-Winning Book “Quiet Quit & Fully Live”

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Unlock the Secret to Work-Life Balance with Matthew Hess's Award-Winning Book "Quiet Quit & Fully Live"
Matthew Hess announces the release of his new book, "Quiet Quit & Fully Live," which explores the quiet quitting phenomenon and advocates for a balanced work-life approach. The book has received high praise for its insightful content and has been awarded the Literary Titan Gold Book Award.

Matthew Hess, a former sales executive turned author, is thrilled to announce the release of his new book, "Quiet Quit & Fully Live: Take Back Your Time, Energy, and Life Through Ethical Disengagement." This thought-provoking work delves into the quiet quitting phenomenon, challenging the negative connotations it often carries and offering a fresh perspective on work-life balance.

In "Quiet Quit & Fully Live," Hess explores how stepping back from over-engagement at work can lead to a more balanced life, enhanced personal well-being, and even a boost in workplace productivity. The book argues that setting healthy boundaries can reignite passion for one's role and bring a renewed sense of purpose to teams. This insightful guide encourages readers to redefine their work-life balance, leading to a more fulfilling and sustainable professional journey.

After nearly 15 years of giving 110% in an increasingly stagnant sales career, Hess realized he was leaving himself with no energy to dedicate to his passions. Most notably, Hess quickly came to resent the lack of time he was able to spend with his family following the birth of his first child. Upon discovering quiet quitting, Hess’s world was flipped upside down. He learned the art of work-life balance and, surprisingly, found that the practice was mutually beneficial to both areas.

"Quiet Quit & Fully Live" has already received high praise from critics and readers alike. Literary Titan states, "Quiet Quit & Fully Live is a thoughtfully crafted examination of the modern workplace concept known as 'quiet quitting.' The book offers a multifaceted exploration of its ethical and practical aspects in today’s work culture."

In recognition of its insightful and accessible content, "Quiet Quit & Fully Live" has been awarded the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award. This accolade highlights the book's value as a resource for those reevaluating their work-life approach and advocating a philosophy of balance that is both realistic and beneficial.

Matthew Hess invites readers to embark on a journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life. "Quiet Quit & Fully Live" is now available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

About the Book

Discover the transformative power of redefining your work-life balance. This insightful guide challenges the negative connotations of stepping back from over-engagement at work, revealing how it can lead to a more balanced life, enhanced personal well-being, and even a surprising boost in workplace productivity. By setting healthy boundaries, reignite your passion for your role, bring renewed purpose to your team, and unlock a more fulfilling and sustainable professional journey. Dive into a blend of personal stories, case studies, and psychological insights that offer practical advice on creating space for personal interests, strengthening relationships, and fostering mental health. Embrace a mindful engagement with your defined responsibilities and find out how this balanced approach can enhance job satisfaction and open new doors of opportunity.

About the Author

Matthew Hess is a thought leader in work-life balance and personal well-being, drawing from nearly 15 years of experience in a demanding sales career. After recognizing the detrimental effects of over-engagement on his personal life, particularly after the birth of his first child, Hess embarked on a transformative journey that led to the practice of quiet quitting. His insights and strategies, now encapsulated in his award-winning book, "Quiet Quit & Fully Live," provide a comprehensive guide to achieving a fulfilling and sustainable professional journey. Hess's work has earned critical acclaim, including the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, for its practical advice on setting boundaries, enhancing productivity, and fostering personal growth. Through his writing, Hess aims to inspire others to find balance and rediscover their passions.

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