Bridging Gaps: Tisha Morrison Launches EmpowerHer Transformation Inc. to Provide Holistic Mental Health Resources for Underserved Women

EmpowerHer Transformation Inc., founded by Tisha Morrison, opens its Lake Park, NC location to provide holistic mental health services to underserved women. Inspired by Morrison's personal struggles, the nonprofit offers affordable support including life coaching, counseling, and spiritual guidance.

Zeest Media In a significant step towards addressing mental health disparities, EmpowerHer Transformation Inc., founded by Tisha Morrison, is officially launching its physical location in Lake Park, North Carolina. This pioneering organization is dedicated to offering comprehensive, holistic support services to underserved women, with a mission to foster healthier communities and enhance the quality of life through accessible empowerment programs.

Tisha Morrison's journey to establishing EmpowerHer was shaped by her experiences overcoming significant personal challenges. Raised by a mother with narcissistic personality traits and a violent, substance-abusing stepfather, Tisha faced a tumultuous childhood. Her struggles continued into adulthood, where she battled years of depression and heartache. However, she found a path to self-acceptance and healing through meditation and holistic practices.

Tisha's exploration of numerology, Vedic Astrology, and divination tools such as tarot, rituals, and crystals, coupled with her enhanced psychic abilities, inspired her to create EmpowerHer. This organization is built on the belief that personalized, holistic services can help women make profound life changes, impacting their personal relationships, career paths, and spiritual journeys.

EmpowerHer Transformation Inc. seeks to bridge the gap in mental health services for women facing financial barriers. According to the American Psychological Association, nearly one in five women in the U.S. experience such barriers, preventing them from accessing necessary mental health care. EmpowerHer addresses this need by providing affordable, accessible support options that include life coaching, mental health counseling, and spiritual guidance.

“Our mission is to lower the barriers many women silently face,” says Tisha Morrison. “EmpowerHer is dedicated to enabling women to achieve personal growth and a higher quality of life through holistic support. From my experiences of overcoming adversity, I recognized a crucial need for these services, and I am committed to making them accessible to all women.”

The launch of EmpowerHer's physical location in Lake Park, NC, will provide a local hub for women to access these transformative services. Additionally, remote services will be available via Zoom to ensure accessibility regardless of location. The organization's funding is derived from Tisha Morrison's coaching income, public grants, and private donations, ensuring that financial constraints do not impede women from receiving the support they need.

Furthering her mission, Tisha Morrison will release her transformative book, "From Hurt to Healed," on June 22, the same day the physical location celebrates its launch. The book offers profound insights and practical tools for personal healing, chronicling Tisha's own journey and the methods she used to overcome life’s challenges. This release is anticipated to resonate with many women seeking guidance and inspiration for their own paths to healing.

On June 29, EmpowerHer will launch the EmpowerHer Academy, a platform offering free resources to support women in their empowerment journeys. The Academy will provide educational materials, workshops, and interactive sessions to help women effectively navigate personal growth and transformation.

EmpowerHer Transformation Inc. plans to expand its reach beyond Lake Park to other urban and rural areas, where mental health services are often scarce. The organization is actively seeking partnerships with other nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies to broaden its impact and ensure the sustainability of its services.

About EmpowerHer Transformation Inc.

EmpowerHer Transformation Inc. is a nonprofit organization established by Tisha Morrison to provide holistic mental health resources to underserved women. By combining traditional psychological therapies with alternative healing practices, EmpowerHer aims to offer personalized support that addresses the symptoms and root causes of women's challenges. The organization's funding comes from Tisha’s coaching income, grants, and donations, ensuring these vital services remain accessible to those in need.

Visit EmpowerHer’s website to discover their services and join a community dedicated to holistic healing and empowerment.

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