Chicago Website Design SEO Company Updates 2023 WPX Hosting Review

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Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), a company based in Chicago, IL, has recently updated their 2023 review of WPX hosting as performed by global SEO expert Jack Lombardi, who is the CWDSC CEO. This review looks at what the WPX WordPress hosting service can provide based on Lombardi’s experience with regards to the customer support they provide and whether the hosting actually lives up to all the hype.

Jack Lombardi says, “Fast WordPress loading is basically the reason WPX Hosting was created. Also, I would like to add, WPX Hosting is the creation of Terry Kyle, an SEO expert; so pretty much he is one of us; so he built WPX hosting to address the common issues SEOs run into when hosting WordPress websites.”

According to a number of studies and Lombardi’s experience, when a website takes 3 seconds or more to load, around 57 percent of site visitors are likely to move to another relevant website. Approximately 80 percent of these site visitors will not return and 50 percent of the will probably tell their acquaintances about their unsatisfactory experience with that slow loading website. One specific example is Walmart’s experience. They noted that when loading time lengthens from 1 second to 4 seconds, there was a substantial reduction in conversions. Furthermore, they observed that for every 1 second of improvement in loading time, there was a 2 percent rise in the conversion rate.

It is noted that WPX hosting is indeed a high performance website hosting solution for WordPress websites. In addition to quick website loading, WPX Hosting also provides other useful features. For instance, WPX performs website backups everyday and uses a storage on a separate server to ensure that the backups are safe and they stay there for 14 days. Thus, if for some reason the files get damaged, the backed up files can be retrieved free of charge.

There will also be no charge for their WordPress website migration service. WPX will assign a team to work with the client and will transfer everything from the current host to a new WPX Hosting account. This includes all the email messages that are associated with the website.

WPX Hosting plans also come with an email service. This allows the user to send and/or receive emails via the email address associated with the domain name. It is also possible to set up one’s email to allow the messages to be forwarded to other addresses, such as Gmail and Yahoo accounts. Emails can also be access via mobile phones, a client like Outlook, Google Apps, or through webmail.

It was also noted that WPX Hosting is capable of handling extra traffic. To enable this, WPX has 50 percent of services left available. This can easily handle just about any drastic increase in traffic. Furthermore, as soon as the traffic attains levels that are near those points where the site performance can be affected, they are quickly transferred to other servers to ensure a smooth experience for site visitors.

With regards to customer support, WPX was observed to be truly responsive. This is important because no website host is 100 percent perfect. There will always some problems encountered and the speed at which these are resolved is vital. Jack Lombardi noted that the responses provided by WPX support have been fast with the slowest response being only 30 minutes.

Jack Lombardi highly recommends WPX Hosting because of its: fast loading speeds, supper quick support team, great pricing plans, ability to handle big websites, simplified interface, and ability to handle other content management systems smoothly.

Started in 2008 by Jack Lombardi, CWDSC has gained the reputation of being a premier digital marketing firm in Chicago and other major cities in the country. It has branches in seven other key cities in the US and delivers digital marketing services to 76 other locations. The company has a team of full-time SEO professionals with each one having a specific expertise. Their total combined work experience surpasses 25 years.

Those who want to learn about WPX hosting can check out the Chicago Website Design SEO Company website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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