Launch of an Agaricus blazei mushroom, KA21 supplement Cross-Border EC Website, Toei Shinyaku

Immune booster, Hair Growth, Dieting supplement and Pet's supplement

Toei Shinyaku has launched a cross-border EC website for Agaricus blazei, KA21 supplement. Customers from around the world have been purchasing Toei Shinyaku products for some time now; including products containing Agaricus blazei, KA21 for boosting immunity, hair growth, dieting, and improvement of the intestinal environment. We have also sold pet supplements, etc. to meet individual requests. Now all of these products can be directly purchased from our new website (Excludes some countries and regions)

About Agaricus blazei, brasiliensis, subrufescens

Agaricus blazei (also known as A. brasiliensis, A. subrufescens) is a medicinal mushroom. It is popular primarily in Asian countries (particularly Japan) as an ingredient of immune booster used in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Characteristics of Agaricus blazei such as safety and effectiveness vary significantly depending on the strain, cultivation method, and production region.

Agaricus KA21 (Common name: King Agaricus)

Agaricus KA21 is Agaricus blazei KA21 strain cultivated outdoors in Brazil under direct sunlight. Compared to regular Agaricus blazei cultivated in a dark greenhouse, Agaricus KA21 is large in size, contains an abundance of major ingredients such as beta-glucan and vitamin D, and offers an antioxidant activity level over five times greater. Outdoor cultivation is extremely difficult with small yield, therefore Agaricus KA21 is a rare commodity. Toei Shinyaku is the sole company in the world that sells it.

Toei Shinyaku Co.,Ltd.

Established in 1973, Toei Shinyaku is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in R&D activities, as well as the manufacture and sale of Agaricus KA21. Toei Shinyaku has conducted research on Agaricus KA21 for over 25 years and presented 32 international papers on its findings; making it the company with the greatest research results out of all Japanese Agaricus blazei manufacturers. Toei Shinyaku discloses evidence supporting its product, Agaricus KA21, on its official homepage. Details include the safety of human clinical trials of Agaricus KA21, ability to strengthen the immune system, alleviate fatigue, improve hair loss and gray hair, and prevent fungal infection. Data also includes the effect of Agaricus KA21 found through trials on mice; such as reducing side effects of anticancer drugs, hair growth benefits, and enhanced wound healing.


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