CBIH Engages Prestigious Law Firm for its First Patent Applications

By: Newsfile

Houston, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - May 20, 2024) - Cannabis Bioscience International Holdings(OTC Pink: CBIH), utilizing robust methodologies to safeguard its intellectual property and establish a well-defined company portfolio, has engaged Vereb Law Group PLLC (www.vereblawgroup.com), a reputable law firm with headquarters in Houston, which handles all aspects of intellectual property litigation, including matters related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

CBIH acknowledges the critical role of utility patents within the pharmaceutical industry, as they serve multiple essential functions. They protect innovative approaches, allow companies to recoup research and development costs, generate revenue, and secure against infringement. Our firm has invested significant resources in research and development and patents ensure that competitors cannot easily duplicate the manufacturing process or use the same approach without our permission. Additionally, having exclusive rights to sell our products enables us to cover expenses and maximize profits. Overall, patents will help our medications reach the market while maintaining profitability for CBIH.

"Amidst the meticulous optimization of our company's operations, the imperative need to safeguard our intellectual property has crystallized. Our years of dedication have birthed a concept profoundly evocative and groundbreaking. We consider it our responsibility to safeguard it diligently. Mr. John Vereb from Vereb Law Group PLLC, drawing from his extensive expertise, mirrors our company's core values and strategic direction," Dante Picazo, CEO of CBIH, affirmed.

"For our initial applications, we have prioritized four formulations: cancer phytotherapy for stages I to IV, shingles therapy, depression and PTSD treatment," says Rosangel Andrades, CBIH Research and Development Director. "Cannabinoids exhibit multifaceted effects within the tumor microenvironment, capable of halting growth or inducing regression, as supported by preclinical studies and anecdotal evidence. Furthermore, our Shingles formulation aims to alleviate pain and reduce symptoms associated with this Herpes infection, leveraging cannabinoids' antimicrobial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, our depression and PTSD formulations address the intricate physiopathological root of these mental disorders, offering methods to treat or alleviate symptoms," she added.

Patent registration could significantly boost our company's appeal for potential mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry. A strong patent portfolio would indicate our capability to innovate and secure market exclusivity, hopefully attracting larger pharmaceutical firms seeking to expand or diversify their portfolios.

Acknowledging the high incidence of patent rejections, estimated at around 40-45% in the U.S., CBIH underscores its belief in its sustainable competitive advantage, fueled by our innovative approach to disease management, distinguishing us from traditional medicine by addressing unattended issues and responding to them uniquely. We focus on identifying gaps in existing healthcare solutions and developing targeted interventions that cater specifically to those needs.

Moreover, the engagement with a specialized law firm like Vered Law PLLC could minimize the risks linked to rejections and potentially boost the odds of securing patent approvals for the three core values of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: new, useful, and non obvious.

The submission of these patent applications significantly reinforces CBIH's unwavering commitment of introducing new therapeutic solutions for chronic and challenging-to-treat conditions to the market.


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