Bowmore Arc-52, Dalmore 1951 Sirius And Macallan 50 Year Old Red Collection At Live Whisky Hammer Auction

Ellon, Scotland -

Created by brothers Daniel and Craig Milne, Whisky Hammer is one of the world’s most renowned whisky auctions. The company offers a selection of over 2,500 rare and unique whiskies from around the world each month. Popular to whisky collectors from all over the globe, Whisky Hammer boasts some of the rarest whiskies available. Visit the live whisky auction at

To founders Daniel and Craig Milne, Whisky Hammer is how they share their passion for the spirit with the entire world. Born and raised in Speyside – the home of some of the world’s most coveted whisky distilleries, the men grew up with whisky as part of the fabric of their lives. As adults, they took their love for whisky to new heights with collecting and selling. In 2015, the brothers decided to go big with their collection and open it to buyers and sellers around the globe by establishing Whisky Hammer. With monthly auctions, buyers can bid on top whisky casks, and get their hands on the rarest whiskies on the planet.

Macallan 50 Year Old Red Collection

Whisky has a long history in this world. The first distillery dates back to ancient Mesopotamian times in 2000 B.C. Modern whisky distillation began in Europe between 1000 A.D. and 1200 A.D. It’s said that in the late 1400s, King James IV made whisky even more popular in his kingdom by ordering some 500 casks at the time. Since then, whisky makers like Evan Williams, Andrew Usher, Aeneas Coffey, and others began to make a name for themselves. Today, whisky has grown to become one of the most sought after spirits in the world. With bottles over 100 years old and extremely rare casks that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, Whisky Hammer looks to supply whisky enthusiasts with the best whisky available.

Live whisky auctions run monthly, and a full calendar of upcoming auctions can be found on the company site. For first time bidders, the company offers a short guide on bidding and how to get the best price possible. They go over the process of valuation, bidding, payments and receiving products. For sellers, the process is streamlined as much as possible, with Whisky Hammer handling collection, valuation, the auction process, and shipping of the products.

Customers can search for bottles on Whisky Hammer by price, name, region, origin, strength, VAT status, distillery status, size, type, and more. This allows bidders to find what they're looking for quickly and make their bids. By working with Whisky Hammer, customers can feel confident that they have access to the best selection of whiskies, and get the fairest price.

“Our monthly auctions are very exciting,” says Daniel Milne. “We get both repeat bidders and new buyers every month, and they are always amazed by our selection.”

In addition to their auction, Whisky Hammer has an online dram bar and spirit shop called Still Spirit, where buyers can purchase drams of the world’s most coveted whiskies. They can also peruse the vast spirit collection and purchase champagne, vodka, rum, tequila, gin and more.

To take a look at the collection, visit the website. For sales information, contact the sales department at +44 (0)1358 747470 or The physical address is Whisky Hammer Ltd Udny, Ellon AB41 7PR SCOTLAND, U.K.


For more information about Whisky Hammer, contact the company here:

Whisky Hammer
+44 (0)1358 747470
Whisky Hammer Ltd
Udny, Ellon
AB41 7PR


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