You're Anti-Aging All Wrong: Introducing the Time Machine

PERRIS, Calif., May 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- After several years of research and testing, LC Enterprises has developed a natural powder formula that allows the male body to increase its own testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1 by several hundred percent. These results are backed by actual blood tests from current users. The formula, called the "Time Machine," causes the body to restore its own hormone production, effectively giving a 50-60+ year old male the hormone levels of a 25-30 year old. When the hormones are restored, the body performs like the younger man. Inventor Louis Carroll's opinion is that this holistic approach is far superior to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT normally suppresses the body's ability to create its own hormones, effectively making the patient dependent upon the hormones being applied. In addition, if the hormones are not "bio-identical", this creates more problems regarding liver function and cancer risks. By using the Time Machine to restore hormonal balance, your personal hormones are created by your own natural pathways, and these hormones are of course, bio-identical. This approach represents the safest method for hormone rejuvenation, and the cost is much lower than traditional HRT.

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According to Carroll, hormones hold the key to longevity, and the diseases that eventually kill us can be directly or indirectly linked to sex hormone declination. The body is a collection of cells that perform specific functions that largely include maintenance. These maintenance functions include the production of cartilage, muscle synthesis, tendon repair, adequate immune response, brain preservation, and many other things. But cells are very much like little robots. They generally only work when instructed to do so. Hormones are the messengers that tell the cells what to do, in a dose dependent manner. When sex hormone levels are high, body maintenance is also high. As those hormones decline, body maintenance work also declines. This means a reduction in muscle and collagen synthesis and repair as well as compromised immune response. As the maintenance work declines in the body, we see the telltale signs, such as reduced strength, weaker tendons, facial wrinkling, weaker immune function, higher blood pressure, increased fat, brain disorders, etc. We categorically call these the signs of aging. Eventually, the body maintenance is so poor, that we succumb to one of a variety of diseases and die. These diseases affect older people, but generally not young persons. The major difference is the sex hormone levels.

Theoretically, if the hormones are kept at youthful levels by the Time Machine, an older person could enjoy a renewed youthful level of body maintenance, making it possible for that person to achieve a much longer lifespan, such as 100, 125, or maybe 150+ years, and feel good.

Carroll calls his argument the "inescapable observation," where he relates the obvious: young persons, with ample hormones do not typically die, while older persons succumb to disease by age 75-85. Since the major difference is hormone levels, this suggests a strong link between the declining sex hormones and those diseases that kill us. Even though medical science has not discovered the exact mechanisms of those links, they must be there.

The Time Machine formula represents a revolutionary step in the right direction, and is the first truly natural and holistic approach to restoring and rebalancing the sex hormones in the male body. Current users are reporting strong results. For more information please see the user comments, blood tests and testimonials at, or contact Louis Carroll at LC Enterprises, (951) 940 6068.



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