Article on Fire Protection Points out that Homeowners and Business Owners Must Consider Asset Protection and Occupant Survivability, Notes Fire Protection Group Inc.

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Commenting on the recent article, the Los Angeles fire safety firm led by George Saadian explains that stakeholders and homeowners need to make asset protection and occupant survivability a priority when outfitting a new building.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 01, 2016

According to a recent article published January 21st on IFSECGlobal, very few fire alarm and signaling systems are installed on business and residential properties which are not required by insurance companies or legal codes, because their value is too often overlooked. While property owners and managers spend a considerable amount of time and energy on interior decoration decisions, according to George Saadian, lead engineer at Los Angeles based Fire Protection Group Inc., the most critical aspects of a building that enhance asset protection and occupant survivability are often not suffiently considered. He also notes that a business’s stakeholders often shortsightedly see the cost of installing and maintaining a fire alarm and detection system as a liability, and that those who only consider the immediate bottom line may wrongly opt for minimal protection. Fire Protection Group Inc. notes that in these situations, time and again fires have caused millions of dollars of damage when they could have been prevented. The firm adds that the saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ carries great weight in these situations, because the installation of fire systems can also reduce insurance costs for the building in question as well as preventing enormous potential losses in the event of a large fire. According to Fire Protection Group Inc., here are some of the most important precautions owners and managers can take:

Installing Fire Alarms – Fire alarm systems are crucial for fire safety and preparedness, particularly in larger buildings such as apartment complexes or multi-level office buildings. The first measure to be taken when a fire has been detected is to make sure that every person in the area is safe, and, as Fire Protection Group Inc. notes, there is no better way that this can be accomplished than with a working fire alarm system. The firm says that they have installed these systems in many buildings whose previous fire safety infrastructure has been entirely insufficient if a fire had broken out.

Installing Fire Sprinklers – According to Captain Bob Holloway, retired Los Angeles Fire Department fire fighter and a key member of Fire Protection Inc.’s team, a well-designed and installed fire sprinkler system can prove essential in preventing the spread of a fire throughout a building. Although it is not possible to erase every possible human error that may start a fire, fire sprinkler systems are designed to prevent fires from moving past their points of origin, especially in high risk areas, such as kitchens.

Scheduling Routine Inspections– While having fire protection systems installed in the first place is a good first step, Fire Protection Group Inc. notes that it is equally important that businesses schedule routine appointments to make sure that these systems will work properly when necessary. The absolute worst time to realize that a system isn’t working properly is after a fire has already broken out, so Fire Protection Group notes the importance of catching malfunctions early.

For additional information about how residential property owners or businesses can take steps to protect themselves and their property from the outbreak of a fire this winter, call Fire Protection Group Inc. today at (888) 251-3488 or visit them online at

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