Bestselling Health Author Stephen Cherniske Recommends Alternatives to Caffeine for an Energy Boost

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Biochemist and bestselling author of Caffeine Blues, Stephen Cherniske recently shared his thoughts on caffeine addiction in an interview with Esquire magazine.

In the article titled "Is It Time to Quit Coffee for Good?" writer John McDermott examines the disastrous effects of excessive caffeine consumption on the body and how they often get overlooked. As it is presently one of the most ubiquitous drinks in the world, many fail to acknowledge caffeine’s ability to act as a drug, and end up harming themselves by having too many cups of coffee or energy drinks throughout the day.

Bestselling Health Author Stephen Cherniske

When asked about whether one should give up coffee, Cherniske advises readers to only drink coffee in moderation by saying, "Starting your day with a cup of coffee is not a problem. But stringing yourself along with caffeine hit after hit as the day goes on is problematic. It’s like whipping a tired horse."

Caffeine is rapidly absorbed, and because it is both water-soluble and fat-soluble, the compound easily passes through cell membranes, including the blood-brain barrier. A large dose of caffeine can over-stimulate the nervous system and cause problems such as high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, headaches, irritability, jitters, and disrupted sleep. Stephen also compares the effect that caffeine has on the body to the fight-or-flight response as it leads to a heightened state of awareness and may cause anxiety and extreme mood swings.

Stephen gives coffee drinkers some hope by saying, "Even though I recognize the harm that excess caffeine can cause, I cannot argue that it is perfectly safe if you control your intake. I drink three cups of coffee a day myself. You don’t have to completely wean off it if you don’t want to give up its productivity benefits." Importantly, Cherniske emphasizes the difference between alertness and energy. "By increasing alertness," he explains, "it may feel like caffeine gives you energy, but that’s an illusion. No one is tired because of a caffeine deficiency." According to Cherniske, real energy is produced by your body, and that can be improved naturally with compounds known as bioenergetics, found in a variety of foods, and also available as research-validated supplements. He recommends two in particular.

KYSO™ is a unique, non-stimulant energy product created with the research-backed combination of L-Citrulline, L-Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, and a proprietary formulation of M/D inositol nicotinate. Its benefits include better blood flow, which leads to better energy, easier exercise, and faster post-exercise recovery. A favorite among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, customers report that they see faster success with weightlifting and cardio exercises upon incorporating KYSO™ in their diet.

X-Altea™ is a powdered superfood that supports vital energy and cell renewal. It provides bioenergetic ingredients that help the body produce more energy. Bioenergetics work in five different ways including optimizing Krebs cycle efficiency, improving circulation and blood flow, facilitating the electron transport chain, increasing insulin sensitivity, and promoting glycogen metabolism.

One customer shares their experience with KYSO™ by saying, "I used the KYSO™ before my run this morning (I had been doing it before weight lifting only and love it) and had my fastest run I’ve ever had. I was able to do 7 miles with a 7:42 mile average. Not too shabby for a 40-year-old guy!"

Another reviewer recommends X-Altea™ by saying, "My first experience with X-Altea™ was a great test as I’d been working extra-long hours for over a week. My mind was in a fog and felt I could have slept a few more hours. Within 15 minutes of drinking my first 3 oz, the fog lifted, I regained focus, the fatigue was gone, and it felt as if someone had turned the lights on! So yes, X-Altea™ is a keeper that I’ll be adding to my favorite juice and protein shakes twice a day!"

Stephen Cherniske is a biochemist and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition. His bestselling book has more than a million copies in print. He has served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine, advised members of the US Olympic team, and directed the nation’s first federally licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition and immunology. He also has formulated the product Renuvite™ for dogs.

Readers can find out more about Stephen Cherniske and his work by contacting My2048 at (360) 878-8751.

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