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Best Health Service with Improved and Reliable Immigration Medical Exams

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Best Health Service with Improved and Reliable Immigration Medical Exams
A medical examination is one of the requirements for eligibility to move into the United States. The results of the medical examination will determine whether one qualifies to move into the United States when they make a green card application. The medical examinations need to be completed within the stipulated time for them to get processed in due time for the applications to get processed within the specified time.

Miami, FL - April 15, 2024 - Tur Medical Center is a medical office that works effectively to provide the best health services to its patients. The medical office has experienced medical personnel like DR Tur, who is an approved civil surgeon specializing in medical exams with I-693 forms. Additionally, Dr. Tur is well-versed in physical exams for work, school, and D.O.T. The medical center has the expertise to provide the medical examination, which then gets sealed and not opened by the applicant, containing the right results of the medical test without any bias. 

In a previous website post, Tur Medical Center highlighted that they offer a fast and reliable service to all their patients. The immigration medical exam has a definite timeline by which the results get ready, and everything gets done right to ensure that no delays happen. The I-693 form, which shows the results of the medical examination, gets ready within 2-3 days while laboratory test results get ready within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday. In the event that the tuberculosis test becomes positive, then the next step is to do an X-ray, which delays the result by one or two days. 

As previously highlighted in their website post, Tur Medical Center provides medical examinations that are valid for twelve months. However, individuals who are U.S. residents but want to change their status to U.S. citizens are required to retake the immigration medical exam. The medical center does the medical examination with the understanding that it must get completed before the patient's status gets changed. Also, patients need to provide proof of the treatment and do follow-up tests before their applications get approved, whether for temporary or permanent residency. Children may be subjected to additional immunization requirements. 

Our Medical Center has over twenty years of experience providing exceptional services when it comes to immigration medical examinations. The medical examination gets done well and to perfection to prevent any errors that would lead to the patient's application being erroneously approved or denied. Also, their surgeons are USCIS- approved which enables them to guide their patients in the right manner of getting their results. Patient get proper guidance on what to bring with them for the test, which includes their personal identification card together with their photograph. Also, they need to carry their medical and vaccination records if they have them. Finally, Tur Medical Center provides them with the most current I-693 form. 

About Us

Tur Medical Center is a professional and USCIS-approved medical center offering exceptional service. Call today for a reliable medical examination for green card approval and change from U.S. resident to U.S. citizen.

Media Contact
Company Name: Josefina F. Tur M.D. PA
Contact Person: Armando Cruz
Email: Send Email
Phone: (305) 642-7111
Address:4100 NW 9th St
City: Miami
State: FL 33126
Country: United States

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