ZTE Launches Intelligent Computing Solutions at MWC Barcelona 2024

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At the MWC Barcelona 2024, ZTE Corporation unveiled its latest endeavor in intelligent computing solutions. This strategic move is designed to propel digital and intelligent transformation across various sectors, marking a significant milestone in the industry's evolution towards a more interconnected and smart future.

MWC Barcelona 2024: ZTE’s Full-Stack Computing Infrastructure

ZTE has developed a full-stack computing infrastructure that addresses the increasing need for diverse computing power and high energy efficiency. The infrastructure provides end-to-end solutions that include heterogeneous computing power, high-performance storage, lossless networks, and fully liquid-cooled data centers. The aim is to cater to the requirements of both general and intelligent computing scenarios across various industries.

AiCube All-in-One Cabinet

ZTE's AiCube is an innovative all-in-one cabinet solution that revolutionizes edge computing. It is a compact and powerful device that integrates AI computing, storage, network, and AI platform software into a single package.

One of the most significant advantages of the AiCube is that it supports mainstream AI frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe. This significantly reduces the training and inference costs for private field AI models. The device also lowers technical barriers for businesses that want to develop and deploy AI models for specific applications. 

AiCube also enhances enterprise data security by keeping sensitive data within the company's premises. The device has advanced security features that protect against data breaches or cyber-attacks.

IceCube High-Density Full Liquid-Cooled Cabinet

IceCube is a high-density, fully liquid-cooled cabinet set to revolutionize the green data center space. It is the perfect blend of innovation, performance, and sustainability. It is designed to cater to the ever-growing demand for more efficient and eco-friendly data centers.

With the ability to house up to 40 1U servers, the IceCube boasts unparalleled computing density and efficiency. This is achieved through its unique blind mating design and highly efficient liquid cooling cabin doors. These help the data center achieve an impressive pPUE of less than 1.1. This is remarkable compared to traditional data centers. Typically, traditional data centers have a pPUE of around 1.5-2.0.

The IceCube's design also ensures that the cabinet's doors remain closed, preventing air leaks. The liquid cooling cabin doors effectively remove heat from the servers and transfer it to the liquid coolant.  

ZTE has created a product that helps reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. With the IceCube, data center operators can enjoy reduced operating costs, improved energy efficiency, and a reduced environmental footprint.

AI Booster Intelligent Computing Platform

The AI Booster Intelligent Computing Platform is a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing how businesses utilize artificial intelligence. The platform aims to simplify and optimize the use of AI technologies, making them more accessible and efficient.   

The AI Booster platform optimizes GPU utilization for faster and more efficient AI model training. Using automatic parallel training optimizes computational resources, reducing the time and resources required for AI model development. The platform simplifies development and training by incorporating visual development tools and a zero-code design interface. 

Another standout feature of the AI Booster is its self-adaptive parameter optimization. This automates the fine-tuning of AI models. This ensures you achieve the best possible performance with minimal human intervention.

By simplifying the optimization process, ZTE's platform helps businesses scale their AI solutions and remain competitive.

MWC24: ZTE Generative AI to All Scenarios

ZTE's innovative approach to integrating Generative AI in various scenarios demonstrates its dedication to improving industry efficiency and leading modernization efforts.

Research and Development

ZTE is transforming the Research and Development sector by introducing a coding assistant application powered by Nebula Encoding's large model. This advanced tool enhances developers' capabilities and streamlines the coding processes. Thus, reducing time spent on routine tasks such as debugging.

The outcome is a significant 20% improvement in overall research and development efficiency, which facilitates faster innovation cycles and the rapid development of cutting-edge solutions.


ZTE, a leader in the telecom industry, has achieved a significant breakthrough by enabling the commercial use of autonomous networks. This was made possible by deploying the Nebula telecommunication large model, marking the industry's first smart event. The autonomous network uses advanced AI algorithms and can self-optimize, self-healing, and predictive maintenance.

This results in enhanced network reliability, reduced downtime, and improved user service quality. This initiative highlights ZTE's leadership in telecom innovation and contributes to the evolution of smarter, more efficient telecommunication infrastructure.


Implementing the Nebula CV (Computer Vision) model significantly advances Industrial Parks to improve security and operational efficiency. ZTE applies this advanced model to campus-wide security systems, supporting multiple security operation scenarios. This includes surveillance, access control, incident detection, and response.

Adopting the Nebula CV model results in an impressive 35% increase in overall operation efficiency, demonstrating the powerful capabilities of AI in streamlining processes, enhancing safety measures, and ensuring a secure environment for industrial activities.

ZTE is making significant strides at MWC Barcelona 2024 by introducing a comprehensive computing infrastructure that is powered by AI innovations. This marks a significant shift towards enhancing industry efficiency and modernization. By strategically applying generative AI across various sectors, ZTE is not just shaping the future of technology but also empowering industries to embrace a smarter and more efficient tomorrow.

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