Kenneth J. Sousa Heats Up the Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure Genre by Publishing “MAN-DAR of Atlantis”

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The story of “MAN-DAR of Atlantis” (ReadersMagnet; 2022) by Kenneth J. Sousa looks like it comes straight from anime or is a reincarnation of sci-fi and fantasy adventure films or series of old, such as “Conan the Barbarian” and “Dungeons & Dragons.” The book is based on the readings of Edgar Cayce. Cayce was a clairvoyant who believed that Atlantis was a high-tech empire with colonies around the globe.

The story starts in the present time when after an unfortunate incident, security guard Manny Silva quits his job and travels to Central America to find proof of the lost continent of Atlantis. However, he develops extreme dysentery and in a delusional state becomes the incarnation of MANDAR of Atlantis. The story then shifts to the time when Atlantis existed – some twelve to fourteen thousand years ago.

MAN-DAR and his slave Lugaar are forced to crash their airship while traveling to Angleland to bring a barbarian couple – priestess Sulina and her husband Kirack – to Atlantis for a conference about beasts overtaking the world. Angeland is a country violently controlled by the evil Priest of Inanna, Zarharrab, and his mother. They want to capture Sulina and bring her to the underworld to release an army of monsters to conquer Atlantis.

Cold MAN-DAR find and free Sulina and protect Atlantis from the minions of Zarharrab? Read all about it in Kenneth J. Sousa's “MAN-DAR of Atlantis”. Purchase a copy on Amazon.

“MAN-DAR of Atlantis”
Author | Kenneth J. Sousa
Published date | 2022
Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC
Book retail price | $13.49

Author Bio

Kenneth J. Sousa has published four books. He is a disabled war vet and has a degree in communications from Boston University. He has numerous awards for audio visual programs and wrote, produced and directed a drama shown on Boston television. Kenneth won an Association for Multi-Image/New England Chapter award for his film “Vietnam Nightmares.” He now lives in Florida with his wife Midge.

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