Choosing Large Microfiber Cloth: Why Kingmax is a Smart Choice


Water is not enough to clean your car as it travels through the roads occasionally, which is how they pick up a lot of dirt and grime. When cruising through the road, your car tends to pick up a lot of dust particles on the way. 


Every part of your car, every nook and cranny, tends to accumulate dirt. That is when you need a large microfiber cloth for cleaning your car as the microfiber tends to pull out any dirt and grime from the tiny spaces. 

Kingmax has a variety of microfiber cloth options available, you can choose a preferred one from their collection. For additional content, watch the video:


Here are all the reasons a large microfiber cloth would be helpful. 

  1. Using a large microfiber cloth will help pick up even the tiniest dirt and grime from the vehicle’s outer surface. As the fibres rub together, it creates a static charge. This escalates the cloth’s capacity to attract dust particles even more, leading to a cleaner car. 
  1. When you use a large microfiber cloth to dry your car after giving it a good wash, it will help eliminate any water marks or streaks. Those marks diminish the outer look of the car. 
  1. If you have a large microfiber cloth, you do not need a car polishing cloth to polish and make your car look shiny. The microfiber cloth will ensure the wax or polish comes off the car and does not move around. You have to wipe it horizontally, picking the wax in the cloth. 
  1. The large microfiber cloth is very soft to the touch because the microfibers are tiny and even smaller in diameter than a human hair strand. This helps to ensure that the paint job is kept intact and there are no scratches on the car’s body. Microfiber cloth is non-abrasive, and professionals use them. 
  1. Getting a car wash now and then can be pretty expensive. So, suppose you have a large microfiber cloth at your home. In that case, you can keep the visits to the car professionals at a minimum and give your car the monthly washes yourself. 
  1. The microfiber does not leave any lint. No car owner wants to find lint attached to the car’s body after they have gotten it cleaned. The large microfiber cloth is made using very fine microfibers which do not leave behind anything other than a shiny vehicle. 
  1. You can also use your large microfiber cloth as a mirror cleaning cloth, as they are very good at picking up grime. So, all the dust the mirror picks up can be swiped quickly. 


Which Microfiber Cloth To Purchase?

There are some things to consider before you purchase a microfiber cloth for your car. After all, you need to get something that is going to leave your car looking its best as possible. The things to consider before getting a microfiber cloth such as – 

  1. The size of the cloth matters the most. You can use one large microfiber cloth or two separate microfiber clothes for your car but ensure they are pretty big. 
  2. You must ensure the towel has excellent material quality and the microfiber feels soft. See if it can soak up water quickly and efficiently. 
  3. Thick and large microfiber cloths are the best ones to get for your vehicle. The thicker the cloth, the more water it can absorb. Thick microfiber clothes are more expensive, so you have to spend accordingly. 
  4. If the microfiber cloth lacks absorption capacity, you should not take it. The cloth should be able to soak in as much water as possible and leave a shiny surface. 

Final Words:

Finding a large microfiber cloth for your vehicle is easy since these things are not that tough. However, you may have to invest more than usual since they are not cheap. That should not matter as you will save money and not have to visit the professionals so often. A large microfiber cloth will simultaneously act as a mirror cleaning cloth and car polishing cloth. So you do not have to purchase all of these products separately. Check Kingmax Products.


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