Iveda Accelerates Real-Time Vape and Anti-Bullying Detection with the Launch of IvedaAI Sense with Cerebro AI Platform

AI-powered sensors enhance public safety, mitigating on-campus danger through real-time alerts

Iveda® (NASDAQ:IVDA), the global solution for cloud-based AI, today unveils the launch of IvedaAI Sense, an AI-based sensor that can precisely detect smoke and vapor particles and incidents of bullying. Integrated into the IvedaAI platform, IvedaAI Sense can be installed in various settings, including schools, offices, and other public spaces. IvedaAI uses deep learning technology to constantly observe everyday behaviors and patterns, continually improving its analytics to make informed recommendations and decisions. Providing real-time alerts and notifications, IvedaAI Sense’s state-of-the-art technology can help reduce on-campus fights and smoking rates, creating a more functional and safer environment for all.

IvedaAI Sense has a suggested retail price of $1,500 per unit at its standard configuration, with school campus requirements anticipated to range from 40–200 units (or $60,000–$300,000) depending on the size of the campus. Iveda anticipates working with school districts––specifically those with multiple schools/campuses––as the primary decision maker and purchaser of an IvedaAI Sense deployment. Iveda’s established reseller network includes the direct customer contacts required to showcase IvedaAI Sense to those most likely to benefit from the technology.

As the teen vaping epidemic continues to prevail, school administrators and health officials are struggling to combat the deadly trend. In 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), reported that more than 1 out of 4 students use e-cigarette products daily. Further, a study published by UC San Francisco School of Nursing estimates that the use of electronic cigarettes costs the United States $15 billion annually in health care expenditures––more than $2,000 per person a year––and in a school setting, it can be impossible for teachers and administrators to account for each student’s usage.

Many school aged children are also being impacted by on-campus bullying. It was reported between 2019-2020 that 47% of students experienced bullying in the classroom, and 39% were either bullied in the hallway or stairwells. Government issued grants, including those from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and The U.S. Department of Justice––which actively provided more than $78M over the course of 2023 to school districts and organizations around the country––are aiding in the effort to combat violence in schools. And yet, teachers and administrative staff still struggle to monitor each student’s movements and actions throughout the day. AI-powered sensors are stepping in to do just that.

“Schools are facing insurmountable challenges in reducing the prevalence of dangerous acts like vaping and bullying on campus. With the launch of IvedaAI Sense, we’re providing schools and other public spaces with the tools needed to accurately monitor instances of vaping and bullying so they can act before harm is done,” said David Ly, CEO, and founder of Iveda. “Detection and intervention are the first steps to combating these behaviors, and having an added layer of protection on campus can accelerate the fight. Iveda is on a mission to help school systems counterattack the vaping and bullying epidemic with the launch of this new technology.”

IvedaAI Sense works by surveilling indoor air quality and soundwaves, monitoring specifically for smoke, vapor particles, or increasing volumes and vibrations in voices, like when a verbal or physical fight is instigated. If any abnormalities are identified, a notification for either “Vape,” “Tampering,” or “Bullying” will be provided through the IvedaAI platform to the designated administrator. IvedaAI Sense can identify the pre-assigned room where the sensor is installed, pinpointing the exact location of the incident.

IvedaAI Sense looks and operates like a traditional smoke detector. Network connectivity for data and internet connection is provided with the convenience of a single PoE (Power of Ethernet) plug. A simple ethernet cable drop is all that’s required to deploy the technology and can be accomplished by any licensed low-voltage electrician or in-house IT staff.

The launch of IvedaAI sense comes on the heels of Iveda’s partnership with Claro Enterprise Solutions to equip schools with advanced AI solutions that quickly analyze and report campus video footage to help locate, track, and isolate threats in real-time. Providing AI-backed technology and real-time alerts, Iveda is continuing to underscore its mission to deliver solutions that help protect the people and places that matter most.

About Iveda Solutions®

Iveda (NASDAQ:IVDA) is the provider of global solutions for cloud-based, video AI search and surveillance technologies that protect the people, places, and things that matter the most. Iveda’s technology has the power to provide instant intelligence to existing infrastructure, enabling cities and organizations around the world to seamlessly enter the fifth industrial revolution. Iveda operates at the forefront of digital transformation of cities across the world, using IoT platforms with smart sensors and devices developed to aid with use cases surrounding public safety, security, elderly care, energy efficiency, and environment preservation. Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, with a subsidiary in Taiwan, Iveda is publicly traded under the ticker symbol “IVDA”.


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